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  1. 1. Which tree to evolve first

    • Shiny Magic Tree's
    • Robust Magic Tree's
    • Solemn Magic Tree's

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Hello, just came to give heads up for Khalessi. First of all thank you for good job, thanks to you DNE was the first faction to get all 3 trees to level 3. Anyhow, shiny Tree this week was not leveled by her, so the rewards of that tree will not be raffled.

Gathered seeds on my own by buying from broker (I'm just silly weak for titles), and leveled shiny tree on my own (Why shiny? because solemn was already blooming when i logged in 1 hour after maintenance). So there's that :) don't expect shiny rewards to be on raffle. ( if anybody is mad should've bought your own seeds with your own money like i did if you wanted rewards yourself).


But yeah point of my post is that khalessi doesn't get blamed for snatching away Shiny tree rewards. Cheers

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