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Game worth coming back to?

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Honestly it really depends who you ask. Some will say the game is thriving after merge others will say dead game is dead.


To be more helpful there is a large amount that you can do to keep your self busy so if that is what you are after then sure the game has that :D.

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Agreed, it's hard to say since everyone will tell you something different. It really depends on what you're looking for. PvE or PvP or w/e. The game is well populated and you can feel it since we just had a merge of 5 servers to 2 servers, it's active. :3

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It's free.. so why not?

Leveling is super duper fast to level 66. Fast enough from 66 to 70ish. Slows up from there. Both servers have a good number of people, so getting (or filling) groups after 66 isn't that tough.

If you are alright with "casual" gear until you can work to get better, then you are fine. If you absolutely must have the very top gear right this very minute, you can spend a metric crap ton of kinah (IRL and in game) and do that. If you absolutely must have the very top gear right this very minute and are unwilling to spend a metric crap ton of kinah (IRL and in game), then you might want to take your search for the mythical game that allows you do that elsewhere.

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State of the game:

Leveling - Very Fast; I leveled a fresh Ranger recently to 43 in a single sitting. I already knew how to employ Slideshotting and Jumpshotting, but duoing the entirety of FT with a Gladiator that didn't speak a word of English over and over made the process seem very shallow. You blaze through it all so quickly that sticking around for Lore seems self defeating.

Gearing Before 68 - You don't gear. Period. You are given all your armour and weapons for completing very simply quests, and while I had warehouseable Abyss Accessory sets, I noticed most other slots are filled by questing as well. There isn't a single reason to roll for a weapon or armour piece before level 68.

Archdaeva PvE - It's lacklustre. It's only fun if you have no idea what you are doing because there is still an element of intrigue towards it all, but by the time you care enough to perfect your weaving or rotation you will have learn't every mechanic of every fight. Other MMO's shit on Aions PvE.

Archdaeva PvP - It's good. It's fast paced and there is typically a correct reaction to every enemy action, and thus intuition and timing play a big part.

Archdaeva Gearing -  Gearing starts out pretty fun. You can feel and see the effects gearing up has on your character to a fair point. But, after that, gearing falls on it's face, and I'll explain what I mean by that. With 1b kinah you could very easily socket an entire armour set with +7 stones, and that is what I consider to be 'enough', but there is no viable upgrade after that. There's no point in spending triple that amount to go to +8 stones, and the cost to go to +10 stones is upwards of 30-50x that amount.

In conclusion, that game is very fun up until you need to live and breathe Aion to continue progressing, at which point, while the game allows you every avenue to continue the process without spending money given you are willing to put in the effort, that effort just isn't 'fun'.

Here's a paint image to explain what I mean. 7 years of experience speaking about the current game.


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