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Disconnected From Server

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I'm having an issue for the last few weeks where I keep getting randomly Disconnected from the server. I play a few other online games and this never happens with any of them or with any of my stream services. I have already tried resetting my modem/router, restarting my computer, changing from wireless adapter to a LAN cord, updating my network adaptors and just about anything else you can think of. I even contacted my ISP and they have ran extensive tests and keep saying it must be server side (NCsoft's servers) because I only loose packets at the very last jump to their servers. Any help on this matter would greatly be apreciated.



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2 hours ago, Sairaorg-DN said:

I mean I've been playing for a good week or so. But, nothing's ever damaged the server connection. I just updated the game recently, and it started "You have disconnected from the sever" so I can only assume it's a general server connection as there's no problems with my internet. 

Server is down for weekly maintenance.

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2 minutes ago, Chantly-KT said:

Is this site official? aionops??

they could do the maintenance by dawn right ..? here in brazil, is already 14:38 and still this maintenance happening ...

yep it's one of the two official twitter  https://twitter.com/Aion  and https://twitter.com/L2andAionOps

In my country is 13:40 but you have to remmeber this is a North American Server, maintenance started at their  6 A.M.


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59 minutes ago, Sairaorg-DN said:

... I didn't even realize they did maintenance as frequently as that. 

They do maintenances every Wednesday early in the morning. Sometimes they take 3 hs, sometimes more (6-8 hours). 

you can check if servers are back here: https://twitter.com/L2andAionOps 

If servers are down you will have the launcher working and you will be able to log, but you will be disconected after loading the game. 

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