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Wonkey Event timer

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When you first logged on today after the daily reset, the event timer shows you the time you had left yesterday (incorrect time)

for example if you had 40mins left yesterday and you logged off. This morning after the reset you logged on, it says in the evnt pop up that you have 40mins left before you get the bundle... well when the timer reaches 0, you won't get the bundle. You then relogged that toon and now the timer says 19~20mins. That's the good time, because you've been online for 40mins since the daily reset.

I hope that makes sense :P

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Happened to me too. 

Timer is not working properly. Sometimes I see the event item on it, sometimes I do not. I usually receive the rewards after 1 hour no matter what the timer says (if it says something). Few times it was bugged and the item was delayed. I saw once something like "45689751223 hs remaining". So, to be honest,when I want to just get the items and change my toon, I check my time on "sesion lenght" in the menu. If you have 2 hs there, you have both boxes (usually). 

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