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Glad to see this bug is still around

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This bug has been around since 2.0 came out. I guess one could argue that once a bug is >7 years old you can consider it a mechanic rather than a bug, lol. Even bosses like Bollvig can be soloed by Rangers/Sorcs/Gunners using this.


And yes, this is crazy XP for ranged DPS classes.

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Do you mean the mob should reset itself? that is ToE right?  i guess is not something ppl can exploit everywhere, several mobs have Wing Cliping skill or force your wings closed

Nobody wants to kill Bollvig these days O.o, and if i remeber well he uses an skill with short CD that makes you unable to fly.


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It's not much of a bug, since you have to be able to fly and be ranged to use it. Melee mobs in flight areas can't fly, so the devs do often add some skill to them that cuts wings in order to force you down to the ground. Not always though.

What other flight instances do we have, aside from that area in Cradle and the last part of the last boss in the same instance? Some of the mobs in the abyss cut flight time or clip your wings. Even when flying over the fort bosses, you can take tons of damage and have the possibility of being pulled to the ground by him. The mobs around him clip wings.

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