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Instance Groups - how to apply

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Hello, can somebody explain me how works the tab "Instance Groups" in Find Groups [SHIFT+V] window pls ? :)

My problem is that whenever a select a group listed there the "Apply for Group" button stays disabled.

I noticed some red note at the top of the window saying "You can post an Instance Group offer at the entrance to, or inside, the instance." So I tried to come to the instance entrance, but the "Apply" button remains disabled, and I cannot apply for any group there.

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The "Instance Groups" tab is basically a cross-server group which you will do instances with people from another server.

You need to go to the entrance of the instance, click on it and select "Gather allies" or whatever it said on the 2nd option. From there, it will pop up the "Instance Group" window, you can select and apply to group normally at that point.

If you use SHIFT+V and go to "Instance Groups", all your option will just stay disabled.


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