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Extend auto attack cd of some skills ?

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Some skills extended auto attack cd but it doesn't stop auto attack.

Skills that has this behavior I can confirmed 2 skills are blood pact and sure strike.
I believed there're more skills that behave like this I'll try to find out more my advice for now just spam these skills don't try to weave with it.

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Update about temp

After many tries and errors it's best to weave every 2 skills however dps is same as weaving every skill but it's more fun and not feel ur char is too slow.

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An attack skill's animation has two parts:

  1. Non-cancelable part
  2. Cancelable by another skill (full animation)

Part 1 must finished before you can use a different skill to cancel the remaining part (Part 2) of the attack animation.

To make another auto attack, both of the following must have completed:

  • The entire attack skill animation to finish (part 1 + part 2)
    • The entire animation of auto-attacks can be cancelled immediately after it begins (auto attacks have Part 2 only) - damage is inflicted when you begin the attack (auto attack or skill).
  • Auto attack cooldown is expired

In term of timeline, it could look like this:

  • Skill A: [ 1     | 2     ]
  • Skill B: [ 1           | 2 ]
  • Skill C: [ 1 | 2          ]
  • Auto attack: [ 2                                       ]


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