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Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

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Himiest of Himes, Cyanest of Cyans, or any other NC employee that reads this:

Will Aion: Legions of War be released in the United States?  

The game is currently available on the Google store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ncsoft.aion.legions.of.war&hl=en ), but doesn't seem to be able to be downloaded in the United States.  I know it's already got a full english version.  Will we get it someday?

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hmm no not for the millions of PC players IMO.. I have never played a game on mobile for more than a few minutes LOL and do not intend to do so. pretty sure most pc players that only play pc games and maybe consoles would agree.. hell a Aion game on console would of been a better choice than crapdroid or crapiOS

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38 minutes ago, Tyd-BR said:

no it isn't this was always scheduled to come out.  The one you are thinking of Aion 2is still in concept not development yet


Hope so Tyd as we all know going down to two servers this is Aions last leg in NA and its a shame seeing as apparently Aion EU is doing alot better than us and just added more servers LOL. remember few years back was the other way around. 

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1 minute ago, Vantheria-IS said:

Most players agree this is a mistake. They just had a merge not too long ago, and their population has not grown enough to warrant more servers.

but fact is they they have an higher population than us and even after the merges had 10 servers lol. so yes they are doing alot better than us. which frankly explains why we have declined so dramatically recently. as all the EU players that were playing here went back lol 

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