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Aion 5.6 - Weekly costume rotations


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Cyan / Hime.

We're on 5.6, and it means NEW SKINS!

Would be nice if we're able to suggest new costumes we want to see on BCM again, since the last time it worked very well for most of the requests.

Aureate Picnic Outfit   + Aureate Picnic Hat  is one of the cutest skins ever. Should be on BCM or events in the next weeks.

It comes with a Sheep mount, but I wasn't able to find it on database.



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4 hours ago, Zkaza-SL said:

We were told to be patient when requesting new items in the store, since adding stuff requires planning. Apparently there's no place in the plan for Skafir's Wings, even though other wing skins were planned extra fast.

That's not even a new item. Long ago there was a 30 day version of it btw, instead of making it permanent, they removed and never gave it back.

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