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Korea Eye PvP LvL 75


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Maybe all those sins that insta kill you are not actually hacking?


Honorable time mentions for the  video. 

0:00-0:30 - Just shows how strong people are maybe to the under geared

2:24 - 2:40 - Could you imagine being able to walk in hide through lots of enemies like that on NA would be the dream for Sins/rangers



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I'm a big fan of hackusations because i love drama but you gotta understand how aion works.

gear > hax > ping > skill

Hacks alone won't help you much, your overall dps might go up a bit but in pvp it won't matter so it's gear > hax. Now if you have gear AND hax then you will become pretty strong. Once you have gear+hax+lowping you will be pretty much godlike and instakill people like t*rbo. Skill is just an added bonus at this point but not mandatory.

tl;dr as @DMob-DN has pointed out, koreans have +30 gear and even 40+ for the people that are considered geared. (besides you go to prison if you cheat in videogames in korea that's why all the koreans play on NA now xD)

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