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DC while flying - Log back to die

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What the title says, when you disconnect or get critical error while flying, you log back in and your flight timer is having a cool down of 10 seconds, plenty of time to simply die.

This is literally such a tiny thing and it wouldn't hurt having people either log back in in flight mode or at least have the flight timer reset so people can instantly start flying again.


This is one little thing to fix, so easy and wont' hurt anyone.

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You know, if you are an assassin you can use your flash skills to reset the timer for death on falling. Just flash every 3 seconds to 4 seconds using Flash of Speed and Breakaway, then open your wings back up after since the cooldown should be cooled.

Fun Fact: When you flash while falling you flash upwards as well. This can cause extra fall damage, so make sure you can open those wings before you hit ground, if any.

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