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NEXT AION 2018.1.17

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They post an update about the upcoming item change. 1) They reduce 6 ranks of level (ex. mythic, eternal, etc) to 3 ranks (ancient, legendary, ultimate) 2) You get new PVE items in the pve i

starting from 0:30 1) Removing Archedaeva. 2) New map that shares both Elyos and Asmos. 3) New items. 4) Balancing skills and adding new skills. 5) New instance that everyone

The summary of that page: Character levelling will be changed. We will get helpers to guide us through it (or that is what I understood) The regions you go through while levelling will ch


Named monsters will appear in various places in the Luck Room and will drop new manastones, PVE Enhanced Stones, and Stigma Enhanced Stones

Stigma Enhanced Stones ? - Sound like upgraded more powerful stigma ofc stigma are outdated they needed upgrade too.
Next time it will be about skills.

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1. Reorganization to 4 race-specific fields and 1 new field added

As previously mentioned, fields in Aion have been greatly reorganized. Areas that have been divided into multiple locations have been reduced to 4 race-specific maps and one common map, Lakrum.

Changes apply to both, live and masters servers. Garrison content that was only available in Gelkmaros and Inggison on the master server will now be available in Lakrum.








Uncomfortable quest lines have been rearranged to match the new growth line. After starting a quest, you will move to the next area to finish it. As you move along with the quest, you will navigate around the area to make sure nothing was left unfinished.

2. ‘Lakrum’, the new field as the center of the new content.

‘Lakrum’ will be available for players after reaching level 76. It allows players to participate in raids, Garrison content and grow to the highest levels. The new field was designed for both races. Battles await you in the center of the map.

Artifacts and bases are scattered around the map. Capture them to perform special tasks.

Collect quest rewards, and exchange them for upgrade materials and new grade equipment.

The garrison system works the same way as the one currently available in Esterra and Nosra. Occupy more bases for additional rewards.

[Lakrum Base occupied by Elyos]

For a more convenient way to move, there will be teleports between the bases available. Thanks to this, you will be able to move to the base where battles are in progress much faster. Additionally, there are windstreams and geysers that are not only helpful to move between locations but also in battle.

3. Raiding in Lakrum and Sieging Fortresses.

In Lakrum, special monsters appear every day and every week. There are the Ereshkigal’s Army patrolling the fortress. Named that appears 3 times a day can be attacked with 6 players. Named that appears twice a week can be attacked with 48 players. Named monsters will appear in various places of Lakrum and will drop new Manastones, PVE Enchantment Stones, and Stigma Enchantment Stones. Face the new raid challenge with a group or alliance.

[Raid monster]

At the end of Lakrum, the fortress will go under siege at 10pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The race that destroys both gates and inner defenses will win. The fortress will not reset before every siege. It will remain race-controlled after the 1st siege. Depending on your score, PVP upgrading items, PVP Enchantment Stones, Honour Points, Abyss Points will be awarded. The rewards will be based on your personal contribution so participate actively.

Divine Fortress goes under siege every Sunday at 10pm, and can be accessed through a portal at each race’s base in Lakrum. Divine Fortress hasn’t been changed.

Depending on your contribution during Lakrum sieges, you will be awarded with PVP upgrade items, PVP enchantment stones, Ultimate production materials, Honour Points and Abyss Points.

For smooth mathiching and progress, existing battlefields have been reorganized.

After the REFLY update, there will be 3 Dredgions, Runatorium and Neviwind Cannyon.

In case of arenas, there will be 3. Arena of Discipline, Arena of Cooperation, Gold Arena.

Other battlefields, arenas, and training arenas will be removed.

4. Instance reorganization and new ‘Prometon Workshop’ dungeon

Makarna, Divine Tower, Garden of Knowledge, Mirash Sanctuary, Narakkalli will be moved to Lakrum with the new instance.
Tower of Challenge will now be a time-attack instance with 20 floors, and the difficulty will increase with each floor you pass.

‘Prometon Workshop’ is a new group instance that has been hidden for a very long time. In order to deal with prisoners using powerful ice arrows, cooperation and communication among the group members will be more important than ever.

Steel Wall Bastion, Katalamize, Library of Knowledge and instances for levels 65+ that have not been move to Lakrum will be removed.

The difficulty of Makarna will be increase, Garden of Knowledge will now be for 3 players, and Narakkalli for 6 players.

Original Poster : Kelekelio taken from EU forum

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Ok so conclusion

DR,IS,EB,SSB,IO,DS etc will be remove goodbye skins farm them now if u can.

CC,EC will be remove so goodbye to crucible skins too farm them now if u can.

Not sure about ORB since it's native in enshar/cygnea it may be removed as well as it said lv65+ instances that not move to lukrum will be remove.

Adma/TTC skins will be gone too so farm them if u can as well.

Not sure about BT but assuming it will alive in FTS at least since it's not dropping for lv 65+ so u won't mind about it much.

Daevanion skins lv30/46 will also gone so farm it now.

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