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Aion : Beauty

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Hi everyone,

I deliver you today my latest creation entitled "Beauty". For those who discover me, I create artistic videos highlighting the beauty of Aion. I'm proposing for the first time a video around a theme, and not a map.

The idea of this project was to gather in one video the most beautiful and subtle things that can be found on Aion. You will find a lot of maps from 4 and 5.0, because it is, in my opinion, during these last years that the work on the various atmospheres in game was the most neat. Many maps don't appear (Ignisson, Gelk, Verteron etc ...), but don't worry, some ideas are in my mind  :D



Enjoy!! :x

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Glad you all liked it! Thanks for your comments :)


13 hours ago, Forgotten-DN said:

Love it. I've seen tons of MVs revolving around personal characters and their stories, but never any about environments. Well done!

(psst...more Brohies and Brohums would be greatly appreciated) ;)

I tought more would be too much, but you're right. More pics of them here : enjoy ^_^


5 hours ago, Nyali-DN said:

Looks lovely! <3 Looking forward to see more... ;3

Thanks :x Next video in February / March if things goes well. In the mean time, check this playlist to see more.

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