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Need Help Optimizing the Game


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I have a Gaming Laptop with a Core i7-6700HQ CPU and a GTX 970M GPU . I'm usually getting  70 - 90 FPS when i'm solo but when people are near me or when I meet members of the opposite faction for example , the FPS tanks and sometimes it gets really really low like 15 - 9 FPS . I was wondering if it was my settings because I saw a desktop GTX 1050 ti 4GB pull off a stable 100 FPS even in PvP with a lot of people . But it was with a Core i7-7700k CPU and the settings were kinda lower than what I have . However,  I have no idea how to better tune my settings . I don' want to sacrifice my texture quality and shadows to the point where they are not pleasing to look at . I'd like some Advice on the settings and if possible I want to know what kind of hardware do i need to run this game at MAX settings with a 120 FPS if possible because I'm planning on getting a 120 Hz refresh rate Monitor soon , and I might build a new system for it . Thanks in advance :D

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i7 are not suited for single threaded games

For newer games that can make use of hyperthreading, i7/i9 work great, but for older games (and the battlefield series for some reason), singular more powerful cores are better.

A $2000 new i9 will perform worse for Aion than a $200 i3

Laptop model GPUs (categorized by the XXXM) are also essentially POS. I have the same GPU as you in my laptop, and it performs roughly the same as my old desktop's GTX 550ti

Thus, combining these two factors together means Aion will really suffer.

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