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Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

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Not sure why everyone is crying about that though...

early Aion back when you had to FARM for all your stigmas, they were pretty expensive, along with stigma shards.

then Aion decided you can buy it off an npc with ap

then Aion gave it away for free

then Aion made inert stigmas so you had to farm for the "real" stigmas

then Aion gave away the real stigmas for free

I'm pretty sure there were a lot of people that lost a ton of money on stuff like that, so this shouldn't phase them as much anymore lol

Aion has a unique way of fuqing people over.

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Ahh, wallet hero tears are delicious. Every hardcore veteran has already quit, all there is left are kids who pay/cheat their way to 75 and get uber geared with no ingame effort. NCSoft turned Aion into a cheap moba, which is exactly the quality of players we currently have. I'm glad I didn't take these last patches seriously and didn't actually put any effort in keeping up to the p2w.

Save for a few rare cases, wallet heros don't contribute anything to the company. NCSoft gets nothing out of RMTers and account buyers. Glad to hear the game will no longer be appealing to them.

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The only truth we truly know at the moment is they told us information we have wanted to hear for years. My personal thoughts are how is NCsoft going to implement Hardcore p2w with out it looking like p2w. I personally would wait for the patch to be released before we get to hyped about it and be let down.

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On 12/25/2017 at 2:38 PM, Skyline-DN said:

I think nobody is for 5.8. For lack of better words he/she said "skip" but probably meant immediately release 6.0 as soon as possible after 5.8 is released so we don't have to suffer the 6 months of uselessness.

Personally after what I've heard is being deleted with 6.0-2, I'd rather have the 5.8 and hope the "6 months" you mention turns into a year then two, and so on until Aion comes to their senses.

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