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Where to farm greater manastone ore?


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Hi, i'm a new player (legitimately new, not a returning player) and I have a level 48 Elyos SW character. I'm in the "peicing the memory" quest and I'm at the part where it requires me to find lazuli, Black stone of ember, and a manastone +50. I have the other two items but the manastone has me stuck. I used to have a bunch of manastone ores that I accumulated over the course of the campaign thus far but I got rid of them thinking they were not useful like an idiot not knowing of how valuable they really were.

So here I am, I'm stuck and I have no idea on where to even get manastone ore. I learned that talking to a particular npc can help me buy the manastone +50 as long as I have two greater manastone ores, I know who the npc is and where to find them, I just don't know where I can even farm for greater ore or what creatures/areas even drop those ores. Does anybody know where I can get greater manastone ore? because in the broker all of the manastones are hyper expensive and I can't afford them as a new player. So farming for greater ore and selling it to the npc is my best bet.

Does anyone know where to farm for greater manastone ore?

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