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Gear after lvl 55 Fledgling Gear?

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Okay, question from me. What gear do I go get after the lvl 55 Elite Fledgling Gear? I know you can't enchant that one because it already is enchanted. But I want to get my hands on stronger PvE gear but have no idea where to start. 

Any tips, names of gears, where to get them, etc. etc? Thanks in advance!

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You have a few options on where to go after that:

  • Mythic AC (Ancient Coin): The name of the items is "Archdaeva Remodelled Danuar x" mythic level 70. Doesnt have PvE stats, but it is good enough gear to start out. You can upgrade it from the level 65 eternal version, which comes with the benefit of coming preenchanted to +5. The level 65 version is bought with Ancient Coins (AC) in Aequis Outpost (Cygnea) for Elyos and Whirlpool Temple (Enshar) for Asmodians. You can also complete a repeatable quest (doing it 10 times) in Raksang Ruins, Ophidan Bridge and Danuar Sanctuary for a piece. The morph recipes to upgrade the gear are sold in Iluma/Norsvold. Of course, this being Archdaeva gear, you can just buy the level 70 set straight away from broker. A recent event also rewarded boxes containing this gear.
  • AoE/Labyrinth set: Has PvE stats, slightly worse stats than mythic AC but allows recommended level reduction all the way to 66. Drops from Archives of Eternity (AoE). There are two versions, one which is the base version (no manastone slots, unenchantable, horrible stats, almost useless) and the upgraded version. The base version is called Vibrant Dawn/Labyrinth, drops from bosses in bundles and serve as materials to get the upgraded version, requiring Golden wing Marks (exchange NPCs are in Norsvold/Iluma). The upgraded version also drops from bosses, but only one piece per boss. It is called "x of the Labyrinth". Again, Archdaeva gear, so you can get this from broker, if you want.
  • Open-World mythics: Not the best, but something. This set drops from open-world mobs in Norsvold and Iluma rarely (dont bother farming it yourself). They have different names depending on the level bracket and class they are aimed for. Ageless, Aerie, Lunar and White Star.

However, if you are not planning to stay in low levels for long nad maybe have some extra kinah, you COULD skip that tier of gear all together and aim for the semi-final gear tier; Apollon set. It is the second best PvE gear. Dropped from Cradle of Eternity (CoE) and Trials of Eternity (ToE). CoE is similar to AoE in terms of gear upgrading. You will commonly see people doing "2 boss runs", as CoE's final boss is not the kindest to noobs. :P 

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The current snowball event is flooding the servers with Golden Wing Marks. icon_item_highdeva_goods_coin_01.png So grab some lower tier Apollon gear (the stuff without sockets) and upgrade away.

Good PVE gear without grinding or breaking the bank. If you need more kinah, run AoE, Theo, Adma, disenchant those drops and sell the Chronos stones. icon_item_extract_material_02.png

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One of them, can't remember which (I think Theo?), gives the box to everyone. Like not the rolling loot, but the box everyone gets from the boss. That box contains orange gear, so that breaks into the Ancient Crafting Stones. I think that's what @Transcend-KT is referring to as the rolling loot drops are purple and break into Chronos Stones.

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