Please read the FAQ if you've got any questions! Making a thread to keep everything in one place for ya'll since it seems people are still a bit confused about what's going on =) Trailer 6.0 Intro Asmodian Prologue Elyos Prologue Items will be divided in 3 categories: Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate. This is scrapping the old Superior, Heroic, Fabled, etc. we currently have. Items are divided between PvE and PvP attributes. PvE is obtained from PvE instances while PvP items are obtained from PvP instances and sieges. Materials drop in this too which is used to upgrade the items. Tempering Solutions and Omegas are discarded, instead, we will get PvE and PvP enchantment stones. Amplification system (leveling items past +15) is removed. Max enchantment level in 6.0 is +15. Items above that level can still be used. Manastone slots have been decreased from 6 to 3. New manastones added. Idians, godstones, augmentation, conditioning is removed.  +12 manastones are removed (possibly the +11 as well), you'll receive a new bundle with new manastones. Bracelets and Plumes will be replaced. Items Level Item Pure Plume 5 - 6 +10 Ancient Daeva Plume   7 +15 Ancient Daeva Plume   8 +10 Legendary Daeva Plume   9 +15 Legendary Daeva Plume   10+ +15 Legendary/Ultimate Daeva Plume Kaisinel/Marchutan Bracelet 5 - 6     +10 Ancient Daeva Protector Bracelet   7 +15 Ancient Daeva Protector Bracelet   8 +10 Legendary Daeva Protector Bracelet   9 +15 Legendary Daeva Protector Bracelet   10+  +15 Legendary/Ultimate Daeva Protector Bracelet You will have a companion at the start of the game, Elyos "Roie" (로이에) and for Asmos "Cheska" (체스카).  Maps are being removed. From 6.0 onward the leveling will be: Poeta > Heiron > Inggison > Cygnea > Lakrum
Ishalgen > Beluslan > Gelkmaros > Enshar > Lakrum. Additionally, maps will (or should) get a graphical overhaul. Lakrum is the new shared map between both races. It's for levels 75-80. Elyos entrance is on the left while Asmo entrance is on the right. Following maps are removed Elyos
- Verteron
- Eltnen
- Theobomos
- Iluma Asmodae
- Altgard
- Morheim
- Brusthonin
- Norsvold Balaurea
- Kaldor
- Levinshor Balancing of skills and all classes (no info on this yet) Revamp of the leveling system 1-80. It'll be much easier and readjusted. Getting from 75 to 80 should take only few days. Archdaeva system is discarded along with the skills, essences, and Essence Cores. You will receive 백민 금괴 (gold ingot) to compensate for the loss. Essence Core +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 Gold Ingot 11 15 23 31 47 80 [ Removed Consumables ] [ Removed Designs ] [ Removed Quest items ] [ Removed Stigmas ] + all skillbooks  There's a lot of info about item exchange in Korea, though I'm not sure whether to post it with the NA translations. Most of Koreans have their items above +20 due to the various events they had in the past. Courtesy of Kelekelio and Azsurance. Kudos for translations. For anybody curious, you can still watch the original thread at Aion EU. Some info also found here. January 3rd 2018 update Removed instances Instances in 6.0 Item exchange in Korea Manstone & Master + Live server info January 9th update January 10th update January 11th update New Daevanion skills Character Skill changes → Sorcerer, Chanter, Templar, Spiritmaster, Cleric, Gladiator, Ranger, Assassin, Songweaver, Gunslinger (Missing Aethertech) Economy, Consumables, etc January 17th Update Please remember to see the English Powerbook as well.