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I agree totally with this post! And that was the biggest concern of me also before when i said that making everything and especially all kinah char-bound will kill all current trading and social inter

Azzmaria i totally agree with you! As said there is a lot more points why 6.0 has such a fail system and instead of making game fun and have A LOT OF VARIETY they remove everything old and cool (cool

Agree Psyclon and I can add some more things: 1) Some people buys interesting items in BCM just to get kynah. Items that every active player need no matter if they are free to play or not. Like


Yeah, I myself been playing Aion since Korean closed beta in 2007 and I have been a loyal player ever since but 5.0 was what made me quit the game. I mean I can deal with tempering accessories and plussing my plume and gear but then they added the bracelet, minions, essence, insane amount of exp to level up, new manastones and so on. 


I remember when I first played aion on the NA server (when ping was AWESOME and the server was in Chicago and without battleping I was getting 17MS) the game was awesome! no pay to win store items, in fact, the only items you would get were plastic surgery and pets and other miscellaneous. I remember when success in aion was accessible to players who worked hard (farming upper abyss forts, pvp'ing to get your AP , going to sieges and farming your miragent set. Aion went to a downfall when 3.0 hit. It wasn't a big step into the gutter but every patch the game got made the game more and more pay to win until it reached 5.0 and killed the game.


I think 6.0 is going to bring back the good memories from the old days of aion and I really think veteran players like me and you are going to find what made us fall in love with aion in the first place. 

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11 hours ago, Vinley-KT said:

I get it, your reading comprehension is terrible. First off, I've played BnS. Like I said, I've played every game developed and published by NC in recent history. I've at least tried virtually every F2P and P2P MMO released since FFXI. Some more than others, obviously, as typically I have no patience for bad games. BnS's economy is NOTHING like BDO's. BDO's economy is regulated, with item and gold trading completely blocked aside from potions. BnS gold is tradeable, hell, at one point they were selling gold items with nccoin, I don't know if that still happens or how long it lasted. BnS questline is not linked to anything Black Spirit-like. Those are the two points I compared AION's changes and BDO to in my original post (Learn to read). So again, explain to me how they are related to the points I made? They're not, move along child.

Lastly, I get that you're too braindead to understand how money is made. But money is made by sales, profit, and players. Like I said, I could care less, I'm not defending a dead game like you. But the bottom line is BDO is one of the top 5 grossing MMOs in America with one of the highest player bases in both NA and EU. AION is lucky to have 1000 people logged in on any server. BDO on Steam ALONE has 15,000~17,000 people DAILYhttp://www.githyp.com/black-desert-online-135178/player-count/

You are talking out of your ass and know nothing outside of the hole you crawled out of to defend a game dying so badly they have to revamp it from almost scratch (Thankfully). If you actually read my original post I am nothing but happy for AION's changes and can't wait to play but people like you (ignorant as hell, lack proper grammar and reading comprehension) can only spew nonsense and start flame wars probably because you're mad all your money was spent on literal digital garbage and now you have to beg your mommy for more. Sorry kid, but I don't have the patience for stupid.

Exactly my point, AION has dwindled down to pure P2W garbage. Not to mention the short week I tried playing again I witnessed a small handful of the most obvious animation hackers I've ever laid eyes on. Luckily I stream and record almost everything so I did report numerous people with video evidence but I highly doubt anything ever came from it.

mine is bad? what did i write and what you understood are two different things. i haven't mentioned that bns economy is similar to bdo. i said aion economy will be more like bns, with two types of currency. in bns those weren't ncoins they were hongmoon coins which are limited compared with ncoins. they did the same in aion with 6.0. never mentioned bns has similar quest line like bdo either. i said aion will be more like bns. you have hajoon giving you quests and helping you learn the game till you are on your own. in aion is not even that advanced, the help is only in starting area before lvl 10. black spirit is not like this.

i know how money are made and i haven't defended any game here. nowhere in my quote is something related to that. i stated that nc always did that, implementing stuff which they already did in some of their older games. i also mentioned that bdo is just as dead in the west. see, you are the one pushing bdo up and talk about things which are not even mentioned. go on aioninfo and sum up all eu servers, you can see 10k-15k at peak in a day. as an example the first english server has 43% at peak in previous day and server capacity is 5500. do the math yourself before saying no aion server has 1k players. add na servers  and see that bdo is just not that far ahead. eu alone had like constant 25k at peak in a day and that was for quite some time. remember that we are playing a dead game but so do bdo players. bdo is in big decline, same as any similar game (bns) did in the west. how long it will take before reaching 5k? btw did you know that bns had 1.8 millions concurrent players in cn at some point in time?  that is why i said don't compare the success of a game in the east with the success in the west. why not compare it with guild wars, a game that had a lot more than bdo and that for years.

yet again with the insults and accusation on things i didn't claim. nobody is defending anything. you are the one praising bdo success in the west which is just false. some of the nc titles had more success or similar success to bdo.


9 hours ago, Vinley-KT said:

@Dreaming-KT Wow they really upgraded the forums to allow for this instead of quoting. Color me impressed!

...Yeah, I probably shouldn't respond to trolls but I never turn down a chance to discipline children. I got triggered from the trolling. I've loved AION since beta, I've played more and longer than the majority of people left. Sad being forced to quit due to the insane P2W changes to the game. I've defended P2W in the past when it wasn't extreme; stating that some people do work insane hours, like myself; some form of P2W can offset their lack of playtime. But right now, in its current state, its to the point that you cannot truly be top tier without spending tons of money.

I was skeptical of gold restrictions and market limitation in MMO's. I thought for sure it would be garbage, but from my experience it has been surprisingly wonderful. I felt it prevented the RMT gap in player's gear and overall made the game less bot-filled garbage. Last time I logged on AION to PVP I saw more bots than people on most days, was pretty sad.

you are the one staring flame wars and insulting people left and right. if you are looking for kids to discipline look in the mirror.  remember that i know you. i've played on the same israphail server when you were still active. i know you had something more than half my age yet you still use mommy and kid insults and other texts which you didn't change in years. pretty lame insults if you ask me. it seems you didn't grow up since that time and life passed by you. btw my grammar should not be your excuse for not having valid arguments and you should remember that not all players have english as a native language. how is your second or third foreign language?

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Can you guys please stop with the BDO vs Aion crap? Many of us only want to see 6.0 stuff in this thread, and you're mucking it up. >:[

Back to the topic at hand. Both of those streams seem to be mostly revisiting old content. I was hoping someone would stream all of the NEW Lakrum stuff and leveling from 75-80. :/

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12 hours ago, Dreaming-KT said:

Although I'm happy with the new changes I don't think untradeable kinah is the only solution for a better economy, like BDO I think aion should adopt a monitored auction house meaning that there should be a minimum and a maximum registered market price for every item and not be able to see the player who posts the items on broker alongside only being able to purchase the lowest price registered on broker . That way its not possible to purchase items on broker to bypass the kinah trading restriction .

Are you suggesting that items able to be listed on Broker have a set price range? (perhaps based on grade) I could get behind that... It boggles my mind when people list a "white" item for billions of Kinah... Are they just trying to throw away Kinah because they reached the cap?

P.S. Only one client? But I have more than eight characters on a server.... Am I supposed to just delete my other account??? If they added more character slots then that wouldn't be so bad. However, if you are like me and want to have a character in each sub-class offered by the game then you need twelve character slots.


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January 17th 



폭풍의 날 에레슈키갈은 영원의 탑을 차지하기 위해 아트레이아를 공격하지만 계획에 실패하고 힘을 회복하기 위해 라크룸으로 떠난다. 주신들은 아트레이아의 미래를 위해 에레슈키갈 처치를 천명한다. 
플레이어들은 라크룸으로 가서 그 곳에 있는 아군의 세력을 강화시키고 아이온의 성물을 차지하려는 에레슈키갈을 저지한다.

On a stormy day, Ereshkigal attacks Atreia in order to occupy the Tower of Eternity, but soon retreats to Lakrum once her plans have failed and to regain her strength. The Empyrean Lords are determined to stop the Dragon Lord for the future of Atreia.

The players travel to Lakrum and gather forces to stop Ereshkigal from conquering the Tower of Aion.

New area, Lakrum

  • Lakrum can be reached through main cities of each faction (Sanctum, Pandaemonium) or through scrolls
  • Occupying the fortress on north gives players access to Drakenspire Depths
  • There are 9 artifact bases in Lakrum. Taking the base gives you "Beginning Decision" quest.
  • You can purchase upgraded stones and equipment items to aid you in battles.
  • You can encounter various bosses with luxurious items in Lakrum.

Runaway Anomos spawns periodically that drops ultimate/legendary equipment that are difficult to come across in Atreia.



에레슈키갈 군단이 차지한 느빌림 프로메툰의 공방, 에레슈키갈은 복수를 위해 라크룸의 느빌림들의 힘을 빌어 프레기온에게 대적할만한 무기를 만들려고 프로메툰의 공방을 차지한다. 공방을 점령한 군단장 프리기다는 대장장이 프로메툰을 사로잡아 라크룸에서 약탈한 림 광석을 이용해 에레슈키갈의 무기를 만들고 있다. 플레이어들은 공방에서 프리기다 군단에게 사로잡힌 느빌림들을 해방시키고 공방을 되찾으려 한다.

Ereshkigal's legion occupies Prometon Workshop in order to create a weapon capable of attacking Fregion. Frigida, the commander of the battlefield, who also occupied the Blacksmith's Workshop, has plundered a rim ore from Lakrum and is now building the weapon. Players travel to Prometon Workshop to stop Frigida and his legion from succeeding.

New instance, Prometon Workshop

  • Players can access the instance through an NPC (I'm not sure what 엔도림 means)
Players Level Entry reset time Entry count
      6   80+             Wednesday at 9 am        4 times a week
  • PC Room only (Korea) Mirash Sanctum of Opportunity added
  • You can enter the instance through a Shugo standing at the scouting post. Instance gives 50% more experience.
Instance Name Boss
    Mirash Sanctum of Opportunity     Singing Kirshka or Reborn Vashkan

All the fortresses have been removed, except Abyss core and Lakrum.

  • As many fortresses have disappeared, players can no longer receive Ariel's or Azphel's blessing (Racial buff)
  • Kaisinel / Marchutan's blessing will be remain the same
  • Multiple instances and dungeons have been removed while reorganizing the growth line

Fortress and Siege

  • Reorganized the way of contribution method is done with the Union (League)
  • Coalition system and score has been removed.
  • The individual / legion contribution determines the rewards, and legion contribution is determined by summing up the contributions of each member that has joined at the siege.
  • Upon successful siege, the fort ownership is decided upon the person's / legion's highest contribution points when the deity is defeated
  • Rewards are different, depending on your personal contribution, apart from the legion.
  • Lakrum siege is operated as ball/water (I have no idea what this means) while Divine fortress is operated as siege only.

Fortress times have been changed

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  22:00      Lakrum       Lakrum       Lakrum

        Divine Fortress

Divine Fortress can be accessed through a corridor that leads to Abyss Core, which is located at the base of each faction in Lakrum.

  • Reshanta's corridor will appear for two hours starting from 21:00 every Sunday
  • As both upper and lower Abyss have been wiped out, players can no longer fly in the core.
  • EDIT: Flying is still possible, and flight in itself is not removed; it's just limited.
  • Inside the Divine Fortress, you will now have to attack the towers instead of talking to them. In the future, whoever destroys the tower will become the Tower Guardian.
  • The ownership of each Fortress and artifact has been reset.


  • Character's abilities have been changed for better understanding
  • Magic Attack and Magic Boost are integrated into "Magic Attack"
  • Physical Defense and Physical/Magical Damage Reduction has been changed
  • Existing Magic Defense has been merged into a new "Magic Defense"
  • Existing attack power has been merged into Physical Attack
  • Added PVE/PVP additional damage and defense. (Existing stats are different from these ones)
  • Removed low-ability attributes, such as Emnity, Strike Resist, etc. Existing items will remain unchanged.
  • Changed the basic calculation method of both PvP and PvE damage according to character's abilities.
  • Newly created characters will now start at a different location. Elyos: Griffoen, Asmodian: Habrok
  • The number of deaths and the effect of resurrection for all characters have been reset.
  • Added a new function, Kyunamon's Salvation (큐나몬의 구원) which allows players to resurrect immediately when they die.


  • Power Shard functions have been removed and all existing Power Shards have been moved to the inventory.
  • The time to move to the selected point on a map has been changed from 10s to 3s.
  • Abyss point deduction has been changed when a PC dies
  • Removed the drop rate buff for new and returned players
  • Removed Growth Aura


  • Revamp of current skills
  • Remove Shock has been changed to 30 seconds
  • Flight related skills have been removed. (For example Splendor of Flight)
  • Adjusted the skill acquisition according to level. Ex. Flash of Speed is acquired at level 73 instead at level 17.
  • Some skills have been either removed or merged
  • Skills with similar effects have been integrated into one 
  • Sorcerer's skill, Supplication of Focus has been removed. ‘Magic Assist’ magic damage increased
  • Some passive skills have been changed. Ex. Robe of Flame is now a passive skill (right now it's active)
  • Some skills will be automatically at the top according to your class and level

Daevanion Skills have been added


  • Available at level 80, you can change to a new skill with desired effect as its base.
  • Daevanion Skills can be obtained from Smuggler Shukirukin from dungeon below or from store.
Instance Entry Level Players
                                           Frozen Monolith             80+         6
                                           Bastion of Souls             80+         6
                                       Prometon Workshop             80+         6
                                        Drakenspire Depths             80+        12
                                      Idgel Dome Landmark             76+        12
                                       Ashunatal Dredgion             76+        12
  • User defined slots have been extended to five (?)


  • Added transformation system
  • When you transform, you receive specific skills and look
  • In order to transform, you need to receive Transformation Contract

Types of Transformation cards by grade

Grade Transformation Card
   Normal  Black Penguin, Green Penguin, Drake, Gentle Shugo, Super Panda, Yellow Penguin, Red Penguin, Orange Penguin, Green Penguin,
   Greater  Victory Drake, Super Shugo, Luna Defender, Clown, Skeleton Warrior, Doberman, Chihuahua, Lycan, Evil Rabbit
   Ancient  Black Mane Mau, Beritra Drakan, Tiamat Drakan
 Legendary  Kromede, Sheba, Hamerun, Tahabata, Bollvig
  Ultimate  Kaisinel
  • To use the Transformation Card, you need a Transformation Order form and you can purchase it from Golden Sank Market (?)
  • If you have 2 to 6 transformation cards, you can get a new card by fusing them.


  • There is no failure upon combining. If you combine more than 4 cards, you will not get a low rank card.
  • Ultimate cards can only be obtained through combination
  • Killing monsters can give you a one-time transformation potion with various abilities
  • Manastone expansion system has been added.
  • New items have 0 to 3 slots, depending on level
  • All 3 manastones slots must be expanded, and it can be purchased from Golden Sand or obtained by equipment extraction.


The gathering/crafting system has been changed

  • Gathering and Aether Extraction skills have been removed.
  • Essencetapping', 'Morphing’ have been changed as follows.
  • Essencetapping Master can be achieved with Kinah instead of a quest.
  • Inina/Aria/iron formulas have been removed from Morphing
  • All but existing Morphing formulas have been removed.
  • Aetherforging has been changed from level 66 to 76
  • Existing Crafting Proficiency is maintained regardless of level.
  • Quests related to crafting are also removed
  • Production Skills (Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, Armoursmithing, Tailoring, Handicrafting, Cooking, Construction) and Magical Morph have been removed
  • New Level 80 items can now be crafted through Aetherforging

Modify/Enchant system

  • Added PvP/PvE enchantment to item type
  • New items can only be enchanted with new Enchantment Stones
  • If the grade of the stone is lower than of the item, the chance is lower.
  • You can obtain Manastone Slot Expansion by extracting items, extracting PVP items will require AP
  • Enchantment Stones can no longer be extracted from items

Added new upgrade system

  • Provide an NPC with upgraded items and necessary materials and it will give you an upgraded version.
  • Equipment Upgrades are located in Lakrum’s main city and bases.


  • Atreian Bestiary is removed
  • Removal of Archdaeva system, along with essence points, Essence Cores, etc
  • Evolution system removed
  • Removed Stonespear Siege and Siege villages from Cygnea and Enshar

Instance Dungeons

  • If you have used up all your entry counts, you can use Quna to gain an additional entry


  • Additional admission information can be viewed in "Instance Zone Waiting Information" window
  • Crucible Spire has been changed
  • Numbers of floors has been reduced from 40 to 24
  • Time attack limit is applied from first floor. Players receive 20 minutes after entering the first floor.
  • After killing all mobs on each floor, you will receive Challenger’s Coins. They can be used to purchase items from an NPC in front of the entrance.
  • Crucible Spire admission has been changed to level 76+ and 1 entry a week.
  • Quna’s Cheer dungeon buffs have been added.
  • You can decide whether or not to use it when you enter an instance dungeon
  • Instance dungeon entry level and location has been changed
Instance Dungeon Entry Level Admission Location
 Dragon Lord's Refuge  57+  1  Cygnea/Enshar
 Drakenspire Depths  66  1  Cygnea/Enshar
 Drakenspire Depths (Hard Mode)  80  12  Lakrum
 Bastion of Souls  80  6  Lakrum
 Cradle of Eternity  78  3  Lakrum
 Frozen Monolith  80  6  Lakrum
 Mirash Sanctum  76  1  Lakrum


  • Added a new "Golden Sand Market" in which you can buy items with both kinah and gold bars


  • You can access Golden Sand Market by the button on the right side of the quickbar ot tap Menu Start > Services > Golden Sand
  • Added Quna market and various products you can purchase with it


  • You can access it by pressing the Quna Market button on the right side of the quickbars or go Menu Start > Services > Quna Market
  • Products change every day at 12 am
  • Quna market sells various constumes, consumables and event related items. You can preview the skins before purchasing.
  • Level condition on Archdaeva items has been removed.
  • Existing Archdaeva items can be used regardless of your level, and for item with recommended level, the stat reduction based on the level difference will remain.
  • You can only sell items with a "sellable" mark on them
  • Misc. items are sold automatically when you connect
  • In addition to cubes, misc items that are kept must be sold directly to the merchant.
  • The discontinued equipment has been changed to not being able to extract
  • Archdaeva Fabled/Eternal/Mythic equipment items can now be wrapped unlimited number of times. Quest items, Legion-only items, temporary items are excluded.
  • Improved the ability to purchase items directly from character selection window
  • Sanctum/Pandaemonium have an NPC that convert existing enchantment stones to new ones
  • Growth Marks are no longer available. The coins you have can be exchanged to Roie/Cheska 
  • Changed character's kinah to gold bar. Gold bars can be used in the Golden Sand Market
  • Returning Scrolls to removed areas have been replaced by returning scrolls to remaining ones
  • Region-specific Scroll -> Integrated Scroll and Dungeon Entry Scroll -> Selectable Dungeon Entry Scroll


  • Your inventory will now show Quna currency


  • Press the + sign to charge your Quna
  • Personal store has been removed
  •  All UIs associated with trading Kinah have been removed (Individual Trading, Account Warehouse, Legion Warehouse, Mail, Party Distribution).
  • Fast Track Server removed
  • The current "change to fast-track server" will now be changed to "change channel"
  • Item Skills tab has been removed from the skill window
  • Improvement on the existing tutorial to fit the current patch


  • Improved the Growth Support Quest for new and returning daevas
  • New and returning players can receive quests from Growth Instructors in capital cities of each race
Elyos Asmodian
                   Reina <Roie's Friend>               Reicis <Cheska's Friend>
  • Each time you reach a certain level, you will receive a survey to provide you for your growth
  • Added 2 new group quests in Lakrum
Race Quest
Elyos Yustiel's Protection
Asmodian Lumiel's Wisdom
  • Improved questing growth between levels 1 and 75


  • Removed some village tasks
  • Extended maintenance pay to 8 weeks in advance


  • Added new character presets and 6 kinds of hair styles
  • Kinah consumption within the game has been adjusted.
  • Changed the ability to run only 1 client
  • Character, Pet, Minion character limit has been changed to 1. (KOREA ONLY)
  • ‘Atreia Pass’ has been removed. Pcroom version will remain unchanged.
Edited by Kubei-DN
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3 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Say what now.

I'm not sure exactly about that either.

Update, I asked a Korean native really quick about "Character, pet, minion limit has been changed to 1 character" and he confirms this is Korea server only. He said "1 letter of character's name is available"

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37 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:
  • As both upper and lower Abyss have been wiped out, players can no longer fly.


  • The gathering/crafting system has been changed
  • Essencetapping and Aethertapping skills have been removed
  • Removed weapon/armor/tailoring/cooking/handicraft/construction etc
  • Quests related to crafting are also removed


  • Personal store has been removed
  • Trading functions and all related UI's have been removed (trade, account warehouse, legion warehouse, mail, etc)


  • Character, pet, minion limit has been changed to 1 character
  • Changed the ability to run only 1 client


1. What the heck. We can't fly anymore? Our wings are gone/garbage? A Daeva is supposed to have wings! This isn't Aion anymore.

2. But I LIKE crafting. It is part of the RP in the game...

3. They are removing our Account Warehouses and Legion Warehouses? How is that supposed to go down? Everyone is screwed, we can't hold all our possessions anymore. I guess it's the nomad life: take what you can carry one your back and leave everything else behind. To remedy this they would have to GIVE everyone all their Cube spaces and Warehouse spaces for free. And we are just supposed to abandon our Legions?

4. I have multiple pets. I payed real money for them. They just GAVE us two minions per character....


Edited by Kemana-KT
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26 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:



  • Essencetapping and Aethertapping skills have been removed
  • Removed weapon/armor/tailoring/cooking/handicraft/construction etc


  • Trading functions and all related UI's have been removed (trade, account warehouse, legion warehouse, mail, etc)

Time to craft everything I might possibly need so I don't have to buy it since I can't craft it anymore. This is really disappointing as crafting is one of the things I really enjoy about this game. It took a long time and lot of kinah to get master in all the crafts on different characters.

Where am I supposed to store everything I've gotten over the years? The legion wh is basically an extension of my personal wh. 


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I don't know who the nerking hell came up with the great idea of limiting the number of pets we can have, but I'd sure like to take my staff to them. What about the players who have already paid for pets through the BCM?? Now we can only keep one? Well, where's my flippin refund???!

Also, I hope all of those who were praising the character-bound currency thing are happy, now that ALL methods of trade have been completely wiped out. Even my nyerking LEGION WAREHOUSE. Not to mention, I can't use my account warehouse for a damn thing. Thanks a lot, NCSoft.

Edited by Voltric-DN
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Just now, Ashtar-KT said:

Time to craft everything I might possibly need so I don't have to buy it since I can't craft it anymore. This is really disappointing as crafting is one of the things I really enjoy about this game. It took a long time and lot of kinah to get master in all the crafts on different characters.

Where am I supposed to store everything I've gotten over the years? The legion wh is basically an extension of my personal wh. 


Not 100% sure but a lot of items (that i checked) are character bound now

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