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I agree totally with this post! And that was the biggest concern of me also before when i said that making everything and especially all kinah char-bound will kill all current trading and social inter

Azzmaria i totally agree with you! As said there is a lot more points why 6.0 has such a fail system and instead of making game fun and have A LOT OF VARIETY they remove everything old and cool (cool

Agree Psyclon and I can add some more things: 1) Some people buys interesting items in BCM just to get kynah. Items that every active player need no matter if they are free to play or not. Like

I don't feel so good Seinka...*vanishes*

Well I don't mind if Ereeshy dies there, a well made 18-man instance could be a nice finale for a Dragon Lord.

(mfw we'll never see her getting OP and undefeatable so we can have some Empyrean Lords related patch in which they help Daevas defeat Ereshkigal)


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There you go Bryos: [생]아이온★직설★테섭 세네크타 18인인던가보자~

They start the run in section 2, timestamp 36:53. They aren't succesful but at least you can check le instance, there was a cleric running and these guys did the best run (fail anyways) but I can't find this VOD, I'll edit the post if I find it or PM you @Bryos-DN.

And if you want to check Korean streams visita Afreecatv and in the searching toolbar write "아이온", there you AION 6.2/6.5 streams 8)

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I would kill to see Ereshkigal sucessfully avenging herself against Fregion and Beritra.
But I don't think NCsoft is creative enough to stay in the anti-hero plot that they developed to Ereshkigal. The scene in Seneteka Temple is kinda stupid for someone like her.


Guys and girls, check the full 6.5 Concept art on my tumblr if you want! thank you <3




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