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Ac Gear NPC Location?

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Hi there.

I want to ask where I can find the NPC's that sells the armors and weapons and accesories ? I'm ranger 69lvl, just please say the name or if you know the location of the NPC's I'll be gratefully, thanks.

For Asmo tho.

Ancient Coin NPC's

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For the ancient coin gears, you can purchase the base (orange/eternal) gears from the shugos over in Enshar. They are located on the west side of the map in Whirlpool Temple. After you have purchased those, you can then buy the morph designs from the NPC in Norsvold; his name is Teyar and he is inside the Materials Shop room. Then you can morph your orange/eternal AC gears into the purple/mythic versions -- called Remodeled Danuar.

Alternatively, you can buy them on the broker too if you have the kinah. :)

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