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Lucky Arena and more team base games in arena


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Hi first let me explain what's lucky arena.

Lucky Arena is a pvp arena where everyone start with fixed gears fixed stigma and pvp the rewards from this arena is pvp gears,manastones,greater supplements and gp that can be only use in normal arena with presocketed manastones preenchanted and can't be armfuse.Only 1 star officer or lower may join this arena.

Why we need this arena ? Because new players ain't really impressed with pvp in Aion they got killed within 1-2 sec and ragequit.This arena will introduce people to pvp with equally gears make new players feel they stand a chance and can win.

More team base games ?

We should have more team base games such as capture the flag or attack the other team stone

-Capture the flag - it's really simple just go to enemy base and get enemy's flag and try to run back to ur base to score.If enemy gets ur flag u must kill the enemy and return ur flag.This will create a various jobs instead just killing defenders of the base,flag carrier,flag carrier cover,team that hunt enemy flag carrier etc it would be a lot of fun.

-Attack the stone - 2 teams got their own stones.each team must go to enemy stone and destroy it,it's not all about killing,You could've sorc sleep stone attacker forever or just use skill that lower their attack speed to slow them down

It's a lot of fun make Aion more than just killing :)

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I think this may be a little too complicated of an idea.

However, I do think that Arena of Discipline should have more of a level divide. 66-75 can be wildly unfair. I, as level 74, absolutely slaughter some opponents whom I suspect are only level 66 or 67. As a pve queen, my pvp gear is not that great. So I can't even imagine how quickly these lowbies must die against truly talented pvpers. I think it should be like 66-70 and then 71-75. Would make it a little more fair.

That said, most of the Arenas are going away in 6.0, so I guess it won't matter that much anymore. :)

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I think this is a Brilliant idea and I also thought about this before.
You have 5 arena entries right? You can use them in arena of chaos or discipline. Whenever you enter one of these, one entry is consumed. In this case you can use these entries for Lucky Arena. Those that are OP and dressed to kill can still enter the normal arena to get an advantage of they want.

The options could be endless on how it works.

Like all chars who enter become 75 lvl.
They get 2 minutes to place their essence and enable their archdaeva skills etc at will (i.e. build their char for that instance).
Your stigmas are from your char (lets keep it simple here)
We have items for arenas only already (scrolls & potions etc) that cannot be used outside the arenas.

So how about an npc that gives you an [Arena] Armor Set and [Arena] Weapon and provide you with any [Arena] Manastones required meant for the arena-only-items. You premake this set as you please outside the arena, you can delete it and repurchase one if you want, remove manastones and put others at will. After all they are only useful in that specific lucky arena. Heck lets make them all +20 or something so even if your main armor is like that you still benefit from the arena-only items more so you kinda force people to get these specific items to be used  so everyone is at the same stat level.

The options are endless here and nothing will be better than other options, since EVERYONE in that arena will be same level and have the same set and weapon.
This is not hard to implement but I doubt they will. At least not anytime soon. 6.0 is already out there.

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