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today last day event snowballs

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I opened 300+ today for 6 +10s. I got: shiny enchantment stone, essence core, 500% crafting scroll, thunder dragon wings (the 5th pair I got from the event.. they are now selling for 10million), a single omega and 10 stars. Oh.. and 100s of useless golden wing marks.

I didn't think it was possible to make snowballs a meh event, but we managed it this year.

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apparently they nerfed so much the rates. We used to get one +10 in like 40 snowballs. Now is more like one in 60-70 units. Also the rewards from the +10 are more variated and the chances for something good are lower. So, after 2 years they finally managed to destroy our favourite event. :P 

But yet, those GWM could be usefull later. If we are going to get a new upgrade for the apollon gear, maybe more of us will be trying to have that set. So we will need those marks. So I do not think they are useless.... yet (I will decide that in some more days lol. ). And now we can take this like one more event to get some kinah. 

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1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Didn't you hear? The Pumpkin King event is our favorite event now. :P

I am totally agree with you!. Halloween is now the best seasson in AION! :D

And with the X5 exp buff is better than the anniversary in  that thing too. 

And yes Aly. after the Pumpkin King event, almost all the events will look like "meh events". But remember that the snowballs used to be better. In the first 2 years we got so many things. In the first year we got a lot of Ancient Coins to get some nice gear for our alts and IS gear to complete our sets. In the second year DD items (hard to obtain in that moment inside the instance) and a lot of blood medals and marks to get a really good new PvP gear. 

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