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Saw this on the new L2 Forums GD forum. Thought it would be an interesting topic!

I'll start!

I watched the anime Hitman Reborn and there was the "Vongola Family". I thought it was pretty awesome name! Though, I obviously didn't want to steal it. So I sat up thinking about different permutations of the name. Loved the V, but did not want to use "Von", therefore I thought of "Vin". To replace the "gola", I ended up thinking of "lock". I liked "lock" because it made me think of Vampires a bit, and I love Vampires. I'm not sure why it made me think of Vampires though...

The friends I started the game with joined my legion, "The Vinlock Family". I kinda liked the name a lot so I ended up naming my character Vinlock as well... Quickly, we agreed it can't be both the legion name and my name. So I kept Vinlock and we named the legion <Zephyr>.

Now after 9+ years of going by Vinlock, I now naturally respond to it and the shortened versions, "Vin" and "Vinny".

So there's my story! Let me know yours! :)

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My story is unfortunately a lot more simple. I like the letter Y, because it looks badass on names. One of my favourite names is "Bryce". So, I changed it up a little and randomly came up with it.

Ironically, my Gunner alt's name has a more interesting story. When I cannot think of one, I just "ship" stuff together. In this case it was "Sakraphes" and "Zetsubou" to create "Sakrabou". Then merge happened and changed it to "Sakrazet" because it flowed better.

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I combined my unironic love for the Twilight Saga and Diablo 3 for my Templar, becoming Mempo of <Twilight>, which was an iconic best in slot helm during the days when I would watch the Twilight movies on repeat. I had no other media to have as background noise on my laptop, so while I grinded kinah for a DDG mace it became a love of exposure. 

View count for the movies are 48 times for the first, 30 times for the second, 26 times for the third (my favourite, I think the cinematography during the wedding scene was actually pretty great) and 8 times each for the 4th and 5th.

I never got my DDG mace, as my bid of 600m was way below the 1b buyout the templar Valefor from Vaizel paid.

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Cheesecake because I used to shitpost pics of cheesecake on the AionSource forums. Then I jokingly named my first glad Cheezecake. Then, when I transferred back to Israphel after spending a couple months on Zikel, I tried naming my cleric Cheesecake, and it worked. And then it became my identity.

I am Cheesecake now. :|

Other characters are either desserts or book characters (generally).

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Before playing Aion, i played Lineage II for 7 years. My main was a light elf, and at the time i reserched elvish language to create the name, ending up with Islanmir (elven soul). So when i "upgraded" to Aion that name came with me. Tho at start i didnt know which faction to chose, i created 2 chars: Islanmir (on elyos) and, as a "mutation" of sorts, Asmodir on asmo. Leveled up both chars same time, never being of one faction till 4.0 when on asmo side got the chance that didnt have on elyos: experiment all the new endgame instances at the time. (yeah yeah, those times were the "I must know you" on LFG, so no recrut for me :P)
Still, alot of ppl call me Isla even they know Asmodir. Guess that it was the oldest name they ever knew, and stick :PPP

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When I first started playing Aion I looked up names and settled on Ashtar. When I came to retail that name wasn't available so I went by Ashstar for a long time. Would send in a ticket once a year asking the GMs for the name Ashtar b/c when we still could look up other characters the name was sitting on a level 20 Asmo and not being used. I was always turned down by the GMs. Finally with the server merges this last round I got the name and no one disputed it. 

I've got alts of every class and back when we had the weekly Kahrun's quests I noticed it was taking me a long time to run and fly them to the quests so I decided to make a whole account of level 30 spiritmasters to move them around and I named the spiritmasters after the npcs we had to kill for the quests. I have Mephistis, Maphis, Lapu, Pabarakin, Merit, Urstan, Karant, and Erubes. Took me awhile to make them but it was worth the time I saved. Also my friends loved me b/c I could just port them too!

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I created Fey'ri sisters for a role play game ages and ages ago. Their names were Eh'le and Alysanne. Eh'le was good sister and Alysanne was her evil younger sister.

I left role play behind to play my first MMO, Aion, and created a character named Honoria on Kaisinel. She was (still is!) and Elyos glad. Kaisinel was the only Asmo dominated server at launch. (Though I believe it was Elyos dominated like all the others but the Elyos got bored and quit really quickly.) Kaisinel and Vaizel merged to become New Vaizel, which wasn't too bad. Then NCSoft had the event where we were allowed to transfer to any server we wanted free for four weeks in a row. In fact, we were told we could try a different server each week! Try them all! We were told not to worry because the staff would be carefully monitoring transfers so as not to disturb the perfect faction balance that they had created with the mergers. (Take a minute to let that soak in. It gets funnier the more you look at it.) Because it's Aion.. the Four Weeks of Free Transfers was stopped after one week because every single freaking oppressed Asmo from every other freaking server transferred to New Vaizel and all the smart Elyos who didn't trust a word NCSoft said left. You guessed it! I didn't leave and was -paying- a monthly fee so that every angry Asmodians could kick the every loving crap out of me because some other Elyos was mean to them on their old server. (Keep in mind that on -my- old server it was the Elyos that were oppressed!) 

Anyway, I took about a year off.

When I came back I decided to role play again and rolled an Asmodian ranger on Israphel. The character had red hair and Alysanne (all those years ago) had red hair.. so I reused the name. I told myself I was going to stay away from sieging this time and just RP. Well.. that didn't quite work out. I eventually found myself in a PvP legion. They never ran instances, but I tried to explain to them that if they wanted the gear from those instances (weapons for combines, mostly) they were going to have to start. They didn't have anyone who would heal, so I made a cleric quickly to fill the spot.. making them promise to take my ranger through with a pug healer if we needed to so that I could get good weapons, too. That's how Nyinu came about. Well.. you know how it is. Once you start healing, you never stop and I found (with help from Rakesh!) that I was actually good at it. Everyone called me Aly, after my ranger, even though my main was now the cleric, Nyinu. I had to explain all the time that "Aly" isn't my real name. It's my old main character's name.

When the merge happened, I put in the name "Aly" and kept my fingers crossed. Apparently the originally Aly on any of the three servers was no longer playing. So -finally- my main character name matches the name everyone calls me.

.. and everyone lived happily ever after.



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No interesting stories behind names here...

Shienar - I saw it on a map in Wheel of Time books and it sounded cool, so I picked it.

Seinka - variant of "Sea", because that one was taken. (What a surprise!) Sea was my nickname at one rople-playing event several years ago.

Mayinne - variant of "May"... I just like the name May...

Zkáza - it's fun to have heal/support with name like that (means Cataclysm/Destruction/Disaster)

...and my other names are similarly random. :|

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I used to play an old browser game called Pirate Quest like 15 years ago and my name on there was Antheria. The next game I started playing, I tried to use that same name and typoed to Vantheria. It was easy for everyone to call me Van though, so it stuck and now I use it (or other variants starting with Van) on all games.

Yeah, that's me. F!@%ed up my name and it stuck. xD

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My usual nickname in most games is Lachdanan (also a big fan of Diablo saga like Mempo). But I use that nick on Knights classes. So I created my first toon as a templar with that name (on a pirate server actually). But was hard for a noob templar like me to play and level up. So one day I was bored and I decided to create the remaining 7 toons in different classes just to do something different. When was the cleric turn, the skills, animations and other things for that class, combined with the wings from AION, an anime came to my mind. In particullar a little girl from that anime called Azmaria Hendric. She had some ress and healing skills and in some parts also wings. So was perfect to be my cleric in a team with males and females toons.

The nickname Azmaria was not available so I just added on more Z. Some time later, bored of the hard time on my templar I tried the other toons and I really liked my cleric and how fast and easy was everything. When I came to NA Aion I just remade all my toons in the same way and with the same names, and my cleric started to be my main toon.

And some people thinks my name is "Maria" :S

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Simple. When I started playing Aion, I used to go by a very different name. Then I started playing on retail and decided to settle with a name which was a combination of my real name and Nya Nya (kitttieeeesss!!). With the help from friends and checking if the name was available in-game, I ended up with Nyali and Nyalimera. <3

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It is my surname, it is a Hellenic word combined of two basic roots

Αρχάγγελος = Αρχή + Άγγελος = Leader of Angels

  • Αρχή (Arhi) = lead, leader, first, start etc.

seen in  arch-daeva, arch-enemy, archaic (αρχαϊκός) etc.

Note χ in Hellenic sounds like h in English, two "γγ" together make the nasal sound G like "ng", while "γκ" makes the dry sound "G"


  • Άγγελος (angelos) = (directly) angel, (means) messenger.

Αρχάγγελος translates as Archangel but it is pronounced differently than the original. So Since Archangel was taken and it is latinized I opted to use something called Greeklish (Greek with English character)

Αρχάγγελος = Arxaggelos

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