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Show all low level quests

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I would like to see that if you are lvl 35 or something. You can still have the option to show all the quests below that level inq nornal quests important etc, 
So when i'm lvl 30 i can still see all the marks on the map for quests of lvl 14. Allot of people are all about doing all the quests in game and getting maximum rewards, 

I really miss this in game.

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25 minutes ago, asistra-DN said:

push 'o' for system menu, choose 'options', choose 'interface', tick 'Display Low Level Quests', click APPLY, OK.

fyi the key F10 can open your world.

They changed the 'Display Low Level Quests' checkbox's functionality? o.O It used to only enable sub-65 light blue quests from NPCs, it never had any effect on quest marker showing above NPC's head or on map for quests waaaay below the character's level.

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5 minutes ago, asistra-DN said:

  @Mayinne-DN, you might not have any relevant info for this thread, your post is...uninformative


When the checkbox you spoke of was introduced, it didn't do, what xredrosex asked about. But, NCSoft has a habit of changing functionalities of their features, so I only asked, if they changed it. So, can you confirm if it does what xredrosex asked about (=they changed it) or you just assumed because of the name?

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Asistra, I'm not sure why you're insulting @Mayinne-DN because she/he is actually correct -- and even if she/he wasn't, you shouldn't be insulting ANYONE. Even if you have low level quests enabled in your options, the light blue markers will not show above the NPCs' heads if you are way above the level. For example, I still have some quests in Ishalgen that I can do. I can access them by clicking on the NPC, but the light blue marker does not show above the NPC's head because they are level 6 quests. And yes, I do have "show low level quests" enabled. Once you reach a certain level above the quest, it is still available if you know it's there and attempt to do it, but the marker won't show anymore.

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