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About BoS/CoE gear purification


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This is serious? The stone supposed to be used to purify the BoS/CoE gear isnt 100% chance dropable? Its a Bug?

If is not a bug, lets make a fast math here..

You will need 102 stones (judging by the BoS gear) to purify your entire set

With a boost pack, you can run 5 times a week.. with some lucky lets assume that you can drop 3 stones in one week (since the stone IS NOT tradeable). This is 34 weeks, what means with a good RNG, we gonna take 8.5 months to finish our sets. I cant assume that the harder difficulties have more chances of drop, cause Ive only done 1 normal mode and 1 easy mode yesterday, but seriously, how many alliances do even run Normal Mode? Do you guys think everyone are capable to do the hard one?

I have a friend from KR, that said on KR patch, the stones are supposed to drop from EVERY boss, and from 4~10 stones PER BOSS (Maharosh, Galdin and Last boss), thats why im want to believe its a bug.

It goes more funny when you remember that 6.0 should come around July~August, and every gear should be replaced for stronger ones, and no one will be finished their actual sets.

(Yes, I care about PVE)

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15 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

Any mode?

I've ran twice yesterday, one time on Normal, and one time on Easy.. 0 drops. Have friends on Katalam and Asmo side that ran it as well, and got 0 stone drops.

One of that friends  opened a ticket, and the answer was that:


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No worry fams. Let me teach you how to get those gears, easily and surely with little to no effort.


The secret recipe to get gears is.....

AFK Siege, AFK in general, AFK for Event, AFK till there's some events that drop those things you need (presumably a month or so after the said patch).

see? easy right?

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1 hour ago, Bryos-KT said:

Cold, Unconscious or Enraged Mahorosh. :P


Vision. Stigma.




Well, i'll sit down with my Hyperion Gear and wait til 6.0

I don't care that much about PVE. Was thiking about running BoS to upgrade my +15 Apollon Staff, but looks like its too much effort.

Thank you, but no.

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Just did more 2 runs yesterday, one doing different quests, and another run doing every quest for hard mode and killing only the first boss (Who was supposed to drop materials as well), and no stones dropped.

Still waiting any response from @Cyan or someone else.

Btw, ToE is giving us 300GP at final boss, enjoy guys. 

(Yeah, I PVE so hard)

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