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Atreian passport and event interface


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There have been bugs for a year or more in the Atreian passport and Event interfaces: Noting that I am in US Mountain Standard Time, the new item appears when the countdown clock says 8 hours to go. Furthermore, there are times when I select a new character and the countdown time is "-".

If you have an account where the highest character is <L66, then Atreian passport will function up until the last day of the month where the armor box appears. This last reward cannot be retrieved due to unavailability of a L66+ character, stopping Atreian passport forever (or until a character is leveled to L66). This seems like a logic error, Atreian passport seems like a newbie feature.

I have not figured out how to get anniversary box. I have several accounts, some created in the same month in a past year. I've clicked on the box in all sorts of ways using an L66+ character, but nothing happens.

The Event interface has a more complex bug related to time. When I connect to a character for the first time in a while (like on a new day), the interface comes up without the daily loot, just the prestige coins. However, the daily loot appears if I go to character selection and immediately reconnect.

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