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are we getting topic folders for the forums.  It looks like all the Class related threads are going into one folder.  The pervious forum had a folder for all the classes IE: Temp, Glad, Songweaver if you aren't going to split them it will get messy soon trying to find content.

Also on a side note when how do housing and Professions go together.  Right now housing is dead but it might start up again when server merges happen.

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  • Aion Team

ExpiredTuna, we have the forums in its current format so it is easier to have discussions, make new discussions, or read discussions. You are correct in the sense that it can get messy with the influx of visitors we are getting, and we can consider creating those subsections later.

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I disagree, there were very few threads for class, housing and profession. In fact some class discussions topics haven't been touched for months and the more 'active' ones barely could put out 1 thread every 2 months. Having the class topics all into one, housing and professions into another topic is the way to go to promote activity. It ain't gonna be messy the slightest.

If people need to find specific class threads its best if the OPs (Opening post) have the class in the title description of the thread.


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