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Coalitions & Send Log Errors


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One of the big drawbacks for me with the Coalition mechanic is that your contribution is reset when you disconnect.. no matter how short of a time you are out of the game. 


There is nothing like playing through 50 minutes of a boring PvE siege only to get a send log error in the last 5 minutes, get back into game as quickly as possible only to get zero rewards.


And like kicking you while you are down, Support answers your request for the rewards that you -earned- and through no fault of your own (hello.. SEND LOG) didn't get with this little gem:



Medals and GP are received for successfully attacking or defending fortresses. The rewards you receive are based on which fortress is involved and the grade you receive during the siege. The grade is determined by your contributions and actions during the battle. Your siege grade can't be viewed directly. The number of Abyss Points acquired during the siege can give you a rough indication of how you did, but AP earned doesn't necessarily correspond entirely with siege ranking. Please also note that there are a limited number of rewards issued per siege. If the number of participants exceeds the maximum number of rewards issued, it's possible to participate and not receive a reward.

We can only suggest contributing as much as you can, avoid death at all costs, and resurrect or help heal your allies as these are also factors in how siege grades are calculated. If you would like to suggest changes to this system, I encourage you to post your thoughts on the Suggestion Box section of the official Aion forums. The forums can be found at this link: http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


It isn't just that they won't help, but that the copy and paste of how you get rewards during sieges is pre-Coalition. (Someone needs to update Supports information to prevent them for looking even more foolish.)


NCSoft needs to change this mechanic. Similar to dp, our contribution at sieges should not be rest until we are logged out/disconnected for 10 minutes.

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This has happen to me twice, I got a similar Reply . Which sucks, because it should not be the players fault when the game crashes. it also should not be the fault of the player if some happens and they disconnect, log back on and are resetted during siege. Ive d/ced Twice and both times i was told to try and not d/c during siege. Not like i know when im going to d/c but yea. they need to fix this.

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Fix this. 

Bad enough we gotta suffer bordeom, why keep away rewards? It's just a simple click and type of buttons. Or whatever and granting the medals is so simple. So what's the big deal? If you can see us D/C during a Sanctum or Panda Defense, then you can surely see us D/C through Siege and help restore what was lost.


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Yeah the whole coalition thing is just a huge joke and only benefits all the afks that like riding the backs of the actives. Not just alts are afk, even mains. If you get stuck with an ally that is 75% afk, the likelihood of you getting max contribution with the rest of the coalition is slim. I've had a friend get 600 GP while I only got 400, and only cuz I just so happened to end up in a mostly afk alliance.

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The whole siege system is a bad system. Quite boring and badly designed for a market that is not in this side of the world.

System errors everywhere all the time. During siege or during regular play. Disconnects out of the blue. One night a minute after siege 3 out 5 of us in the TS got disconnected at the same time.

Customer support is just as bad as the glitches in the game. We wanted to ban bots in game, well that was hardly difficult, the game is in such decline that the bots stop playing to sell their kinah. All ncsoft needed to do is manage the game in a bad way so that not even the kinah farmers thought it was profitable to "work" in Aion, that is how you get rid of bots. However, where ncsoft failed was to ban the Customer Support bots that still provide you with bad information or do not have their automated scripts updated.

I am still to see Customer Support help someone on the first try. It is more of a hassle to get help than to just quit the game.

You can see the player frustration since the new patch, less and less people are logging-in. My interest is on a decline... but not like NCsoft cares... they have done nothing for the past... what? 5 years? Oh wait! that is not true! lets open a new server because due to the genius marketing and negotiating skills they were going to get more players in the game... that was a BAD attempt with little thought behind.

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