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ffs wer paying the prestige monthly sub, getting less and less value for it, get the fkn daily pvp quests working again, the daily pvp and the run speed title are the only thing i keep prestige for, you forced the PvE instance PoS package on us that we used to be able to sell i(and a few peeps i know) never use, get your shit together ffs

i sent in a ticket yesterday, no reply, way to lose customers AGAIN


three tickets in three days, two about prestige one about the invasion, GET A MASTER SERVER AND TEST YOUR SHIT BEFORE IMPOSING IT ON US!

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Yes, please.  The only quest available from the Prestige quest giving shugo is one asking if Daeva has collected Prestige Research materials, with several question marks in the description.  As far as I know there is no such thing as Prestige Research materials.  No quests for daily and weekly kills.

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