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Trading "untradeable" gear

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I see there are a couple of items in the store that let you trade the untradeable: a stone that lets you unbind something, which I assume is for normally tradeable stuff that you've worn but want to pass on to someone, and a courier pass that lets you mail pieces marked as untradeable. Am I understanding that correctly? If so, I have a couple of questions.

1. Are these items the only way to do this, meaning I either have to use the store or buy these items from someone in game? Do they drop at all?

2. If these ARE the only items, the highest level I see they go to is 65. Is that just because the store hasn't been updated since the level cap increase? Will they trade level 70 items?


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There are two types of "untradeability". Naturally untradeable and Soul Binding.

Untradeable gear applies to the majority of good gear between level 1 and 65; gear from instancesx tokens, etc. These can only be traded through either:

A) Courier Passes: You use these to attach it to a letter through a mailbox.

B) Wrapping Scrolls: You wrap the item, making it tradeable for a trade. Only works if the item has "Wrapping uses left" (check it from the item's tooltip).

Then you have Soul Bound gear. All Archdaeva gear (66+) is like this (with few exceptions). This one is tradeable, but to use it you will have to Soul Bind it to use it, making it completely untradeable and character bound.

The only way to trade these pieces is by removing the Soul Bound state with an Unbinding Stone, making it tradeable forever until the person soul binds it. Can be done indefinitely.

Wrapping scrolls and courier passes cannot be obtained ingame, they are just something extra. Unbinding Stones can be bought for Ancient Coins through merchants.

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