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A rank Fissure with 3 fattys meta!


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Myself and a legion mate has been experimenting/practicing how to efficiently complete fissure for a long time now as it was a quick source of EXP/AC.  It took us awhile but we have found a pretty full proof way of acquiring A rank with 3 fatties (he has been able to do it consistently, he's the mastermind behind the A rank efficiency!  I helped him with the B rank perfection first and then gave input.  Heavy credit to him and his consistent practice.).  Here's the video and good luck!  With the extra loot that comes with Fissure now it is a good idea to start running it again for those that stopped in the past.  Gotta level up those Minions~  He's not sure if it's possible but he's going to look into trying to get S rank with 3 fattys as well, more to come.  Small legion with big ideas heh heh heh.  We're also looking for experienced players to run BoS with as it's hard to burn the entries weekly (which we will do once they fix the bug).



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