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Question about Minium


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These are the ways now:

- Norsvold/Iluma Weapon Invasion (only the faction getting invaded, increased amount after 5.8)

- Daily Quest in Norsvold/Iluma

- Dropped by Singing Kirshka (last boss of Mirash Sanctum)

- 10 Minium rewarded from the last campaign quest in Eltnen/Morheim.

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If I were you I'd save up kinah and save up for the special minium boxes, which give 170-250 minium. Either you buy it with ncoin or someone else does, but it is the main way that people do it.

Theres also the luna dice where you cash in on the first chest and you can get 25 minium. On average you can get like 75 minium per 50 luna invested into the dice.

The non- ncoin way is sadly not as good and needs to be tripled atleast.

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