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Making easier to have alts


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Since I started playing Aion I saw that many of the players here like to have more than one toon. It is funny to switch between alts and do different roles than your main. So maybe if your main is a healer, you sometimes want to play as a tank or dps. In also it is so nice when playing with friends to have alternatives to fit better in a group depending on what is needed. I was one of those players. I use to have my cleric as a main, but I leveled also a templar because playing with my friends we usually were so many healers and without a tank. I also leveled a sorcerer just in case and to have some fun when all my entries in some instances were used.

But now with the new focus on the experience it is so hard to have more than 1 toon with a nice level and we need to focus our attention on our main and left our alts some levels behind. It is also harder to give them a nice gear cause the best gear are for high level or they suffer some stats penalization.

So my suggestion is to make easier to level up our alts faster so we can have more choices about how to play.

Of course just changing all the exp system to make it easier (increasing all the exp received or lowering the exp needed for each level) could be not so fair with the people that worked so hard all this year to reach lvl 74  or 75.

But, how about giving a quest once you reach lvl 75? That quest will give us some kind of talisman to add  on our especial cube to give us a pemanent exp buff. Maybe between +100-400%. That talisman should be account tradeable but not tradeable with other players. So the players who make all that effort to reach 75 can try to level up some alts without having to do all the effort again. Wont be unfair cause we still need to work hard to reach 75 once in the normal way.

I know that may look like a lot of money not earned in the stars and other items, but actually I do not think that so many players puts so much money to level up alts. I think that most of them are just leaving alts behind and just using some events to level up them a little. And for many players that want to play with alts, that can be a motivation to buy stars to reach 75 with a main fast so they can have that talisman

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