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Returning Player - What's New?


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I played Aion for quite a bit few years ago. I was playing during the 4.x era, the last update I played I think it was 4.8. Just before the new stigma system.

I played all classes and brought to end game an Assassin, Ranger, Aethertech and almost a Sorcerer which was the last character I played and enjoyed most. Also AT was cool, in fact it was my main character and I had the full blood marks set and ancient coins set.

I just wanted to know what's new now and what to do. Obviously the new stigma system that you can upgrade stigmas etc.. I stopped playing when that update was coming out, so I kinda know about that. Are stigmas easily reperibile now? Can you buy them for a few kinah from brokers? Or do you just get them for free from NPCs or quest or what?

Then, I have heard they raised max level to 75, therefore new maps. When I was playing, Tiamaranta and Katalm etc. were my favorites maps. Now seems like they don't exist anymore.

I also heard of a server merge. How does that work? Did I lose my characters? Did they get renamed with a funny automatic generated name? I was in TM server.

So because of all these new things (especially the server merge) I thought maybe it's more convenient to start over with a new character. I'd rather learn the new stuff by playing from scratch than go look up for updates logs and crawl forums to study what's new for an entire day or more. Even to get the rust off characters' skills and rotation I find easier to just start a new character and learn about skills by unlocking them throughout nthe gameplay.

What do you think? What else is changed or new?

Thank you for your help.

Oh yeah! And what about Europe server? I always played on NA because on Gameforge (Europe server) I remember it was basically shit. You had to pay a premium subscription monthly to use the chat system and the broker system and do many other things. But I heard it got better now? Is that true? Or is NA still better and completely free?

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