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Lag during Everglade/fort hours

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because they are so close during the weekdays..ever since they started evergale its been a constant drag of 3-10 sec lag spikes that are making the game unplayable at times...

it has got to the point where i wait til after it drops off (usually 3 hours).. Ive talked to other players who are having the exact same issue at the same time I have...


not to mention ive been in and out of everything with my internet provider to be comfortable enough to say its not my internet connection...

had 3 techs over here in the past month because i thought it was me...turns out its on ncsofts end...

time to up that server game ncsoft...ur falling behind...

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Was literally about to post the same thing. Around 8PM EST each night my legionmates and I have been hit with massive lag that essentially renders the game unplayable until much later in the evening. During the afternoon things are mostly lag-free as well and we've done the legwork with our ISPs and are in contact with NCsoft support regarding the issue but to little avail. This has been happening since the DDoS nonsense a while back and is extremely frustrating.

If we could get any response or confirmation that this is still being looked into it would go a long way.

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Ncsoft please!! please!! do something about this


the game is unplayable between the hours of 830-11pm EST because of this lag

i dont even try anymore with these 5-10 sec lag spikes

again not on my end as ive had 3 techs over here to determine its on ncsofts end

not to mention when i tried to load up the aion website just now it loaded slowly but any other website id bring up loaded in 1/2 sec or less


time to buy more server space!!!!

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I get like 3000~5000 ping if I am inside Evergale, this is the main reason why I never go there any more (and the afk people that ruin the game).

But truth to be told, I also have plenty of lag at time that evergale is on. It is weird, we have other massive interserver instances like Iron Wall Warfront and we didn't have lag issues.

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bump again

HAD THE WORST LAG TNITE AT FORTS  30-50 sec lag times for skill responses

how much longer are u gonna ignore this before ppl start leaving ncsoft?


only time during the entire day that my aion lags and the aion website lags...

during these laggy times no other game i have is lagging and no other website is making like its the age of 14.4 and 28.8 modems....

and yea i wanna point out the lag started right when evergale popped tnite and continued all the way through forts and is still happening now

whats ncsoft gonna do to fix this?????


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Don't forget getting two sendlogs in a 10min span and then upon logging in both times, I was teleported outside the fort in the middle of elite mobs to die instantly. And for all of that, being a healer getting insane heal aggro. Suffering through 40mins of that shit to not get any GP or medals once siege ends. I have a very good computer and internet connection myself. So DC'ing like that is insane and unheard of almost. But I'm pretty sure if I sent in a ticket, they'd say it was my fault and not even compensate for the GP/medals.

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