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Windows 10 issues Send Log Client Crash


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it seems windows 10 has this client crash send log issue when i was on windows 7 for a week i had no issues getting into the game the only issue i had with 7 was i got maybe a crash but that was not a send log type of crash so it dont count however ive noticed that this issue happens on windows 10 with fall creators update  when i am in the game im fine til either a send log occurs or til i am booting the game again when i boot it either says client not responding and closes or either it causes me to  crash  loading the loading screen sometimes i have got black screens after that screen reached 100% i put in a support ticket regarding this issue and it didnt help i want to get a response on if you guys are going to fix this broken client i did not ask to get shoved windows 10 down my throat since it was free everybody mostly has it windows 10 is cancer for this game either that or your development team needs to ensure full compatibility again

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Most likely the issue is with Windows and not with Aion. There are several things to check:

  1. Driver wifi network adapter. Roll Back or Update.
  2. Add Aion Process to Windows Defender Exclusions. 
  3. I had double NAT on my system. 
  4. Search google for tips on what to turn on and off with Windows 10. Maybe something in start-up is running that does not need to run at all. Check to see if Windows 10 has some updates/patches that did not get installed with the move from Win 7 to Win 10.

I hope this helps, or at least sends us in the right direction. I wish I could help more.


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