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Farewell MXM :(


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It's so sad to see this momment is already close, this January 31 MXM close without return. I wanna make sure if anyone on Aion community, player, or even was part of the team from MXM, be sure the game was awesome, and thank you for be part of it. I will always remember the mommets i had fun since the Alpha test, and all the time i was so anxious for the release date to be announced.
I really hope someday they foind the way to revive the game form the ashes, or just include some content in other titles like AIon, BnS and others. It would be awesome to have Some dances from Vita, skins from the masters or even minions. Anyways, i really hope something comes up inthe future. until then.. Thank you very much. ^^

Keep upside down daevas <3

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