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Prestige Pack: 36 Month Reward


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The 3 year anniversary of the Prestige has come and gone and we have not seen a special reward. In fact we have been getting the same out-dated and lack luster monthly boxes for months now.

Is there any news on a special reward for people that have been paying continuously for the Prestige Pack 3 years? If there is one (and I certainly hope that there is!), we will be given it by hand if we have already passed the 36 month mark?

In addition, do you think the daily box could be given some love? Some of the items that come from it are grossly outdated.


( @Cyan )

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Update.. so now that I really look at this I have been receiving Month 37 reward boxes since June of 2017. (That's why I thought we hadn't had a reward for month 36!) That's 8 months of Month 37.

We got an extra reward at 6 month, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. Then we got the Netherworld wings for 36 months. (Thank you for reminding me, Cyan.)

So the question is then when we will stop getting month 37 and start getting rewards that are relevant to the current patch? What will we get for 48 months? And would you please take a look at the daily box rewards? Many many of the ones we have right now are awful and irrelevant.

Those of us with Prestige Packs pay monthly for nice things. I would be really good if they were actually nice.

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