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Client Crash - Relog time

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Hello, at some point the client uses a method when you get disconnected or when you close your client normally, you can relog pretty fast. you do not have to see the loading screen and your client goes directly to the screen where you have to agree with the terms and then the character screen where you put your ping.

BUT when your client crashes, it goes back to having to load the client again.

So I do not know what you did to make the client load super fast in case of disconnection or closing of client and re-opening it, but there needs something to be done with critical errors too.

I remember the client in Linage II used to close at any given problem, and then they made it so when you get disconnected your client wouldn't close. Of course critical errors with Lineage II were the rarest thing, while in Aion it is simply a common issue.

Please regard making the client load faster no matter what, you already did it but you missed the crashes.

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