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Sluttering, lag and other issues


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Hi, I'm not a very tech savvy person but I'm sure my laptop has the power to run Aion, I used to play on much older computers.

I just tried a few games and had no problems with them, like Rise of Tomb Raider, Black Desert Online and ESO. I've also tried Tera before but I'm not really a gamer. Purchased most of these titles and haven't played extensively. Except for Tomb Raider and Fallout 4.


Here is my laptop specs (what matters I suppose)

Core i7 7700HQ

16GB Memory 

500GB SSD Samsung 960 M2

2TB Hybrid hard drive.

Geforce GTX 1060.


I had a lot of trouble to get it running on the Geforce graphics card, had to set the laptop to performance mode because Aion doesn't have an executable.


Compared to my old computer I used to play during up to 4.8 and I had no issues there seems to be something wrong. It was a i5, 8GB with a Radeon graphics card. I  still have it but hasn't tried Aion on it. I did a lot of sieges and EB on it.


My main problem is sluttering when walking through crowded areas, Sieges, Evergale and so on. Something I noticed during these occasions my ping will go up to 800-1000, worst case scenario 3000-4000.

FPS seems to stay at 60 unless the sluttering happens.

And for the other problems, Aion seems reluctant to close, it stays running in background. Is it all that bad or its just me?



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My current laptop is older and I have zero issues. With that being said, here’s a few things I would try:

1. Repair the Game Client- it’s possible you had a bad install with some damaged files.

2. Make sure you don’t have any 3rd party games/apps running in the background. It’s possible something is eating up all your RAM/video memory which you’re unaware of.

3. Uninstall/reinstall 

4. Put in a ticket. Absolute last resort since they probably won’t do anything. Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Also check your connection. Wired/wiresless. Especially if your ping is really high. You could have a bad connection to the servers. All else fails, reboot/troubleshoot your router/modem.

The graphics card shouldn’t be an issue, but change it back to the default one on your laptop and see if it works better. Just process of elimination.

Hope this helps.

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