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Not for my 74 SW, I am getting 2.1bil per kill in adma/ttc, which is the same amount I was getting before the server wide buff went into affect. Before the 100% buff I was using 100% amulets and getting 2.1, now with event + amulet i'm still getting 2.1bil. Something is wrong there lol


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47 minutes ago, Violeta-KT said:

I tried adma solo and trio and solo exp is capped at around 2.1bil. When I did it trio it applied the xp buff correctly. This is lame ¬¬

That's pretty normal. Since launch xp for mobs is capped at every level. I don't think it's lame that when you complete the instance as intended, you receive the intended buff. When you circumvent the intended purpose of the instance, you don't receive this extra buff.

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