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The Aion Feel Good Thread


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Something go your way? Someone send you a random gift, or finally got that piece of armor you've been trying to get? Have a character turn out to be better-than-expected ingame? You know the drill.

Seeing as this isn't the Pet Peeve thread, do feel free to name names.


-Got my new sin to 66, leveling sin is surprisingly fun.

-New forums, have I mentioned them yet?

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Coming back to the game after a long break and already met a handful of nice people.

At 2am server time i found a group and we spammed FT for about 6 runs to level, it was quite enjoyable. 

Brought back a lot of good memories from the old days. 

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On 8/16/2017 at 10:01 AM, Bryos-TM said:

I think I may have seen you take that picture yesterday. :P

And congrats! I am loving my Protection Ward.

Thanks! Yeah, Protection Ward has saved me so many times since my group's Chanter got it.

*pauses for 4-man CoE trauma to pass*

So many times.

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