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Combining two armors for appearance


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I haven't played for awhile but there used to be an NPC in Sanctum where I could combine two armors for appearance.  I have some Asmo armor from way back 

that I had been updating as I leveled and got new armor.  I could not find the NPC yesterday. Is this something that can still be done and if so where is the NPC.


Thank you for any help.

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Now for most of those things you do not need NPCs anymore. You can change the appearance just clicking on the item and it will appear a menu around it. Chose the option enchant/modify and a new window will open up. There you will find a lot of actions to do. You can use enchantments, manastones, idians, godstones, armsfusion, modify appearance, paint, extract and more. 

Once in that menu the system is the same than before

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