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idk why you guys nerfed omega drop rate in instances  it was main reason for many ppl  including me to do pve  instances and now  from like 10 days ago drop rate become to low and im sure 100% from what i say  things like that kill meaning of pve you already give away harvester gear even to starter players and  soulstone  in BOS first boss  like  really??? evryone got  max gear  already unless he new  and dont know even game system and thats one of main things that make ppl quit cuz really there nothing to do

so i hope atleast  in this double drop rate event  turn drop rate to usual cuz   2*0= 0 even if you make drop rate x10  hope someone even care about this and ty

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Adma/TTC/DL are ~50% chance at 1 omega per run, I don't have data on FP due to lack of runs. 3.5 omegas per toon per week without pack. Also should note that I clear with leader loot/normal and loot pet while soloing these places, also do the the bosses for slim chance at tempering solution ~10% and all the DE.

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