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Let's discuss which class going to be the best in 6.0


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Leveled to 57 sorc,does gameplay changed ? abit,I cast flame spray,storm strike,glaical shard,aether hold,aetherflame as pre cast to a mob (using one a time not one after one) then using instant skills to finish the mobs,refracting shard working much better now cause it got soul absorb chain with huge damage and 15 sec cd,I use vision stigma(sorry forgot name QQ) with instant skills cause big skills got too much cast time,still haven't use flame harpoon chain because all mobs died before I could use it.

Note here Boon of Quickness does speed up instant skills.

Can't wait until I got lv 80 vaziel and test more :)

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ok leveled to 80 here's my final thought about 6.0 sorc

Don't use anything that got cast time 2 seconds + while you leveling such as flame harpoon,ice harpoon,flame spray,storm strike,aetherflame and glacial shard at all because u will run out of MP and second cast time just horrible use frost,flame fusion,flame cage,soul freeze,freezing wind,summon rock,refracting shard it's enough to kill any mobs until level 80.

I tested a rotation at level 80 and find out I'm able to cast all skills with 2 seconds + cast time skills use vaizel with 2+ seconds skills only,problem is Boon of Quickness it does help before you're 80 but after 80 it become a burden so just sell it and get better stigma.No mana problem with sorc because vaziel reduced mp cost by 20% you will find mana problem before 80 if you use big skills.I recommended arcane thunderbolt it's not a bad stigma :)

Can you go instances without cast speed weapon and transform ? yes you can  without a problem too :)

Very enjoyed with sorc more than cleric

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Extra note about freezing wind : Still remember in past time freezing wind is require to weave every skill ?

This is no longer the case because every instant skill excepted flame fusion and refracting shard (still they're not much lower than freezing wind)has higher damage than freezing wind.
You still using freezing wind but only when you waiting vaziel cd (only 10 sec cause vaziel now last 20 sec and cd 30 sec) you might use freezing wind 1-2 times during wait time and you want to get your MP back with refracting shard chain too.

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A little bonus about sorc's flame fusion and weaving

-flame fusion added a lot of dmg not just flat 500 so use it before ur big nukes.

-I leveled sin to 12(I can't level anymore because kinah weekly sale limited no money no level) I tried auto attack on goats in herion and did 30ish dmg while my skill did 340ish dmg.I think nobody should waste their time with weaving because power shard is rare in 6.2 and only dropping from mobs and not every mob dropping it.Weaving is a relic from 5.8.

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You mean this skill right ?


I'm aware of this skill but I'm not sure if in instances sorc can melee boss or need to stay range.

About power shards I didn't know they were in gold sand shop and power shards only dropping in cygnea in lukrum it's not dropping.(I'm pretty sure it doesn't drop in lukrum)
I'm not going to farm power shards for hours and spend them with auto attacks,skills also using power shard Not just 1 shard but 7 shards per hit.


And I surely won't spend hard earn kinah to buy power shards in shop so I can burn them in PvE instances.(Look at people in NA right now they don't even use scrolls,food and u wanna burn your power shards for them?)

Either way weaving just out of my mind.

Anyway thanks for reading and your comment :)

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On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 0:52 PM, Arxaggelos-KT said:

I am a little irritated at the amount of times someone wrote "learn how to play your class" type posts. If they nerf sorcs more that is it, they nerfed it.

Sorcs became the punch bags of Aion since 3.0

If I know my sorc well and a SW knows his class well then the SW will beat me because of class imbalance. Unless you mean I should learn my sorc and hope others won't learn their class so I can brag about playing a sh!tty class and still win.

A sh!tty class is a sh!tty class, no matter how well you learn to play it.

Have you played sorc since launch? I have, and without a doubt sorcs were at their peak in 3.0. It was the first patch sorcs were now able to have full wintry build along with arcane, and sorcs also got a second nuke in their rotation with the added storm strike.

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Level a ranger a bit to lv 28 feel very weak not fun and intensive mana usage (thanks to focus shots) and a lot of buffs that needs to use.

Without buffs ranger damage is nerfed to stupidity level,buffs ain't optinal but a requirement.I won't level ranger anymore it's too boring.

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