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Waiting for 6.0 What should I do?


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2 hours ago, Infliction-DN said:

So hopefully this gets some good replies :).

Interested Will be coming back for 6.0 what are some good things to prep for?

Should I start selling things... so confused even after reading the 6.0 info.

Any vets still around?  What's your take on things?

Hey man hope you doing well.  Things to do 

stigma event on going so enchant stigmas up since those don't disappear in 6.0

Sell stuff as kinah gets converted to new currency in 6.0

gear wise you can honestly just use what have now as 6.0 is all new stuff and if just coming back I wouldn't go nuts farming maybe an event will give you decent stuff to get by till 6.0

as mentioned above level aetherforging as all other crafts go bye bye in 6.0 and aetherforging may allow you to be self suffcient in 6.0



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