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3 hours ago, Bryos-DN said:

This is why people should stop calling the Mythic AC set the "Archdaeva" set. Confuses players. :P


Is that what was being discussed? lmaooooo!! My bad. xD

I don't see people call it the archdaeva set though. I always see "mythic AC" or "ancient coin."

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With serveral 500% crafting boost charms and a 200% crafting week-end, I leveled Aetherforging from 110 to 300. It took about 2 billion at the broker (Elyos-DN) and 3 days of non-stop crafting. It was the most painful three days of AFK I have ever sat through.

We can Aetherforge the same recipe up to 40 levels. 20 is best. 

On 2/15/2018 at 3:33 PM, Bryos-DN said:

Its actually quite straight forward to level up Aetherforging. Just spam recipes that dont require a lot of materials, materials that you have easy access to and such. Keep in mind Edible Fruit, Edible Meat, Natural Essence and Vitality Essence can be bought from NPCs in bundles of 100 for few kinah in Norvold/Iluma, and Spirit Stones of Eternity from a special NPC in a level 6 Landing in Upper Reshanta. It takes quite some time and crafts, but it is a lot easier if you get the crafting boosts, which increase the XP gain of crafting by 500%, and lasts 5 hours.

You are basically intended to spam a single recipe for 20 levels, and move to higher recipes as you unlock them (except for the first few levels). Here is what I consider the most effective route.

  • 1-10p: Spirit Stone of Eternity Stamina
  • 10-30p: Processed Ordine Paper
  • 30-50p: Any processed scrolls (material scrolls or consumable scrolls)
  • 50-70p: Pet-safe Jerky Ingredient
  • 70-90p: Processed Elegue Reagent Paper
  • 90-110p: Upgraded Recovery Potion or Upgraded Secret Elixir (same materials, up to personal preference)
  • 110-130p: Pet-safe Cookie Ingredient
  • 130-150p: Greater Enchanting Supplement (Mythic) or Refined Magic Fluid (both are viable, the former one especially if you run low tier Archdaeva instances and lack greater supplements)
  • 150-170p: Processed scrolls
  • 170-190p: Pet-safe Ribs Ingredient
  • 190-210p: Processed Medicus Reagent Paper or Processed Terapeia Reagent Paper (I would prefer the former since it will be a materials for the following recipe)
  • 210-230p: Upgraded Healing Potion
  • 230-250p: Pet-safe Roasted Meat Ingredient
  • 250-270p: Processed Kera Crystal
  • 270-290p: Processed scrolls
  • 290-300p: ...Not sure really. Maybe the previous recipe will carry you to 300p. Maybe Cut Aurorium Crystal too, but the base crystal seems really expensive.


210 -230: Upgraded Healing Potion needs way too many Ancient Crafting Stones; instead, run 190: Processed Medicus Reagent Paper up to 230. [This will raise Aetherforging 40 levels]. Skip Upgraded Healing Potion all together or maybe use it from 220/5 to 230 (just the last few levels).

250-270: Processed Kera Crystal needs way too many Spirit Stone of Eternity; instead, run 230: Pet-safe Roasted Meat Ingredient up to 270.  [This will raise Aetherforging 40 levels]. Skip Processed Kera Crystal all together or maybe use it from 220/5 to 270 (just the last few levels).

Aetherforge 270: Processed scrolls for the last 30 Levels all the way up to max 300.

I do not believe reaching 300 is possible without the crafting boost charms. (It would take a year and cost billions.)


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