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Is there a place, website, tutorial etc that might explain the myriad things I should be paying attention to?  I log in and there are messages about omega this and aether that, ways to upgrade equipment that I know nothing about.  what is idian?  that kind of thing. I am not asking for someone to hold my hand and explain everything, you have a life too, but just a finger pointed in the correct direction would be great.  It must be displayed somewhere in a concise format.  If I have to spend 5 hours researching everything by odd forum post, I'm out.  That will take forever.  Thank you for reading, and especially your reply if you deign to do so.

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I will be honest, this game is not super friendly to new players. When I first started playing, I spent a lot of time googling various things. This didn't really bother me because I google a lot of random crap from day to day -- did you know that the skin of just one golden dart frog can kill up to 1000 people? -- but I can understand how it would be frustrating for many people.




Those are the three main sites that I use to help me learn things even still to this day.

8 minutes ago, Jezabell-KT said:

omega this and aether that

Omegas are purple stones used to enchant (+1, +2, etc) gear. They are very valuable because most archdaeva gear (not the new Master Harvester or 80AP)  will break if the enchantment fails. However, an omega stone combined with Greater Mythic Supplements will guarantee enchantment success.

10 minutes ago, Jezabell-KT said:

what is idian?

Idians are items that give extra stats to your weapon. These stats vary widely and could be anything from extra HP to more magic boost to PVP defense.

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