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Since the release of 5.6 I have noticed many visual bugs that range from Zzz's long after sleep has worn off... red glows under my feet.. aetherhold lightening surrounding my spirit... and so on.. Most are minimal and can be worked around. But there is one that I have gotten several times now that is super bad and requires me to relog to get rid of it since it is physically painful to the eyes to try and play with..



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So much this!


And it isn't just a "this hurts my eyes" thing. We have had the "barb" effect get stuck on players during the last boss fight in Cradle. Imagine everyone with a huge green circle around them that no one is supposed to stand in and no one sure who really has barb on them. 

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3 hours ago, Nyinu-KR said:

Don't lie. Bogel's deodorant failed him. Look at those stink lines!

That's not stink. That's Bogel's manly cologne.

I get this aura after teleporting but only on my Chanters. I was thinking it was related to one of my buffs.

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3 hours ago, Deltavolt-IS said:

Also, it seems to only happen when Options > Graphics Options > Misc > "Display Effects For" is set to "All".

I don't think so, because I always set my setting to self (except in certain instances) and still I can see this visual bug whether on me or someone else

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17 hours ago, Bogel-KR said:

And this white aura around character. Occurs when teleporting. Some of my friends have this visual bug also.


Oh... and I was thinking it might be my godstone... lol

There's also a visual bug when you use the level 75 SM fear skill and it doesn't go away for a while. Looks quite cool, but it's glowing a lot. >.<


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